Friday, January 21, 2011


Took the kids to the Tree house on Wed.. The kids had a blast. I was able to leave Preston home with Bunna (my mother) so it was nice not to carry him around. Carter is asking to go back again today, but not sure it's in the cards.

I think the red hat looks good on him.

Having fun in the fire engine.. Carter liked this one much better then the one that was at our last last Sat night.. (Different story)

They built this new climbing thing that takes you up to the middle of the tree, the kids love climbing up and down it.

Another new item is the sword in the stone.. Carter was rather sad he couldn't pull the sword out of the stone.

Camden trying with all his might to get the sword out.

The back of the fire truck.

Camden in full cowboy gear.. Doing his best to rock the horse back and forth.

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