Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mr. P.....

My amazing neighbor does pics.. I just love the ones she did of Preston.. Check out her blog and if you ever need pics she does a great job.. http://lifeslittlepictures1.blogspot.com/

My little man is so darling.. He is so big and strong.

He is walking all over and is so fun to be with.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day...

The darling plant Camden made me this year from Preschool.

I loved it so much we made a couple for the grandma's..

My sweet little (wild, crazy, hyper) boys.. Thought it was a pretty cute shot.

Our new addition

We decided this year to add on to our garden. Since Nate knows I'm not too keen on digging up more grass we wanted to try maybe some boxes.

This is the before shot... What the area used to look like.

The new and improved Garden area. I love love these new boxes. And we also planted Raspberry plants this year too. Can't wait for things to start growing and this cold weather to go away so we can plant our tomatoes.

Mrs. Heather Browning R.N.

My darling niece Heather graduated from nursing school the other night. We were able to go and enjoy the evening with her. Me and the kids made her this fun Candy Bar poster.

Way to go Heather.