Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family time!!

My brother Brad was in town for the weekend and brought his daughter Morgan with him. It was so fun to see him and Morgan. On Friday the girls went shopping to Park City. And man was that fun!! Need to go again. And the boys went riding to the Spiral Jetty. We then spent the next 3 days playing cards and having a blast. I can't wait till we get to do it again.

Your how OLD???

Camden is always wondering how old people are and when everyones next birthday is. It was super fun for him to be old enough to help Nate celebrate his b-day this year. I'm such a b-day person and I'm always counting down till when I get to have another one. (I'm sure that will end soon) this year will be my last b-day. 29 forever right? Well Nate turned 29 on Sat and my brother Brad and one of his daughters was in town for weekend. So we had a fun filled card playing b-day weekend.

Garden time!!

For those of you who know us, we love our little garden that we grow everywhere. Last year we tried a couple new things and some worked and some didn't. Well last week I saw this cool thing on t.v. where you put water on these weird circle things they expand about 2 inches and then you plant your seed inside. You cover it and plug in a little heater that sits under it and then you wait for you garden to start to grow. So we went to the store and thought heck lets give it a try. And man what a GREEN thumb we found we have. Needless to say not only have we allready had to transplant the plants to a bigger container we have started more stuff in the incubator. We are super excited for when we can actaully plant the stuff in our garden. Surprising enough if I want Camden to eat something it has to come from my garden.

more crawling!!!

Well Carter has gotten the hang of crawling. Didn't take him long. He is now all over the place and climbing up on everything. What a cutie he is.

And I can't forget about Camden. What a crack up!! And yes he is still acting like the HULK!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 mo and finally crawling!! (trying anyways)

My little guy is finally attempting to crawl!! He is so fun!! He turned 9mo yesterday and I got him to crawl 4/5 times and then this morning I thought I'd see what he could do. What a cutie!! He'll be all over the place in no time!! And Yeah he has his second tooth in too!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sleepy head

I had to post these pics!! What a crack up Camden is!! The other day he had fallen asleep on the couch. (normal) And next thing I know Nate is grabbing my shoulder telling me to come and check out Camden. Well the stud had someone slipped off part of the couch but was still sound asleep. It was Nate who said I should grab the camera. What a funny guy!! When I showed him the next day the pictures he couldn't stop laughing. He wanted to see the pics of when he was awake. So funny!! Man this kid keeps us laughing all day.


What best buds, these two are!! Camden just can't get enough of Carter. Although Carter gets pretty upset at Camden sometimes his eyes light up when Camden walks in the room. I can't wait for a year or two when they will both drive eachother crazy. What fun that will be!!!


3/3/09: Man I know my little guy is getting big when he gets to go to the dentist. Yep that is right!! I've taken him before with me, just so he can get used to seeing what is done. But today he had his first appointment. And let me tell you he was so big. He didn't fuss or anything. They cleaned his teeth, checked everything out. And even put floride on his teeth. I think he actually had a pretty good time with it. He does have to go back next month to have a little thing filled, but man I'm so proud of how he acted today. And it's nice to see him growing into such a little man.