Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Tradition

Take a look at this door, it seems like just another ordinary door right? Well everynight around 5:40 something special happens with this door. As soon as we hear the garage open I have 2 little boys who run and hide and wait for a special person to open the door.
Nate always walks in and will say "We are the kids" and of course I reply "Oh they ran away or they are playing in the bedroom"

And then "WHAM" he opens the door to find his 2 little boys so excited to see him and hiding in the dark.
We just find it so funny, and they love doing this every chance they get. Couldn't resist taking some pictures of my 2 funny little boys.

Tile -Check

Well I can't say "WE" have been working hard on the basement, because normally while Nate is working I'm dealing with kids. But Nate has been working on the basement. We would really like to have it done before the baby comes. Cross your fingers. We are making progress but it's just very time consuming and hey we don't have much time. But last weekend me and Nate were able to get the tile done in the bathroom. YEAH!! Feels nice to have something done. We pretty much have all the trim work done too. But still a long ways to go before I feel we will be ready for the paint and carpet. Just had to share the news that another thing has been checked off our list. Only 15 more things to go. LOL

Pro's and Con's

Here is my baby update!! Was measuring more on track last week. Looking around 34 weeks and 3 days, baby was weighing around 5 lbs 5 oz. And everything looks good. We will probably start me April 15, if I haven't had the baby before then. Still have no name, so any suggestions would be great. Was thinking about some pros of cons of being pregnant and thought I share my feelings on it. Should I start with the pros?

: Stretchy pants (I mean whats not to love, you don't have to worry about eating too much and your pants feeling tight)
:Carter kissing the belly
:Camden and Carter laughing at the baby moving
: Being able to eat lots and lots
: Me enjoying the baby moving around
: Ice Cream or Cereal sitting on my tummy just fine.

:Sleeping on the couch for the last 7 mo.
:Carter kicking the belly
:Back ache, feet ache, heck everywhere ache
:always being hungry
:getting up to pee 3 times in the night
:baby then waking up and me feeling the baby for the next 30 min.
:Belly always getting wet when putting away dishes.

So my fridge has this nice little water button that when pushed hey water comes out. Makes it easy for filling up water bottles and such. Well I've been having a hard time latley putting the pans away every time I have to put the pans away I come down with a wet belly. Dang belly is in the way and pushes the water button.

Well I'm sure there are lots more pros and lots more cons, but heck when your prego your mind is so gone, I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. I'm just happy I'll be done in a few weeks.

MoNkEy SeE mOnKeY dO

My fun little boys are always cracking me up. And we have come to the conclusion that it's Monkey See Monkey do. Anything Daddy does, Camden does and anything Camden does Carter does. It's just so funny seeing them play follow the leader.

Carter loves the train, so we set the train up and of course Camden got into the middle and so did Carter.

Watching tv the other night I come out to find this, I just laughed and said HOLD STILL and had to go and grab the camera to get a pic.
Finally got Carter to not lok at me but watch tv with the boys. Man what will I do with another one following everyone around.