Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cookies N Milk

My boys favorite treat is Cookies N Milk they love when they get to have some. They love eating it with there dad. It's the special thing they do together. They always seem to make a mess but the love every minute of it.

Camden and Carter dipping the oreo's.

Carter starting to drink the milk (with soggy cookies included).. I loved his little oreo face

Camden showing me his best oreo face..

Yeah check out the oreo. LOL

Dad and the boys enjoying there snack.. I'm sure Preston will be joining them soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Camden started preschool yesterday. He was super excited to go. (Although I might have been a little more excited) This is his 2nd year in preschool doing the 4yr old preschool class this time. He misses the deadline to go to Kindergarten by 19 days. Poor little man. I'm fine with him being the oldest in his class though. He had a fun first day and I can't wait for him to go back tomorrow. LOL

And of course he had to give me a funny face.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day dune trip

We love the dunes... This weekend we packed up and headed out for our annual Labor Day dune trip. Even though it was pretty hot we had a good time. The kids had fun in the dirt and the big boys had fun riding in the sand.

Ours and Kev's trailer.
Candice and Tyler getting some sun.

What Carter wore the whole time..

Junior's trailer.

The kids playing in the sand. They love to mix the sand and water and make mud balls.

Little Preston just chillin with his shades.

Jordan just chillin out.

Bear Lake

Last year we took a drive to Bear Lake and let the kids play in the water, they had so much fun they have been bugging us to do it again. So a couple weeks ago we decided to take a drive and let the kids play. We stopped and got a Rasberry shake and then headed to the lake. It was actually pretty windy that day so the water was a little chilly. The kids still had a blast.

Nate out in the water with the boys.

The water was super shallow and Camden and Nate we able to walk out pretty far.

Preston just sat and hung out the whole time.

Me and the Fatty P just chillin..

The boys just walking around looking for shells..

Rice Cereal

When at Preston's doc apt a couple weeks ago he told us that even though he doesn't recommend doing Rice Cereal till the babies are around 6 months old he said that sometimes bigger babies have a harder time sleeping through the night so if we wanted we could try it. So we did. He was not sure what to think. He didn't love eating from a spoon. My other kids never liked the rice cereal in a bottle but we tried it with Preston and he loves it. So every night he gets Rice Cereal with his bottle and it's been helping him sleep much better.

Thinking this kid is gonna be a eater. LOL