Friday, February 26, 2010

Feburary gone already?

Just a couple cute pics of what happens when Carter eats anything by himself. He actually does pretty good with a spoon, he just seems to not pay attention sometimes and let the spoon sit upside down.

Man!! Time flies by so fast and then when you only have 28 days in the month it just makes things worse. I can't believe we are almost into March. How come when I was a kid the days, weeks and months just seemed to drag and now I barley blink and another week has gone by. We are trying to get ready for the baby and get the basement finished. What a project that has been. So glad nate can do about anything. Kids and baby are doing good. Last week I was measuring 1 week 3 days ahead of schedule so that freaked me out a bit. Guess we will just see what the little guy is doing next week. He was also weighing around 4lbs 10 oz. Yeah we all know I don't give birth to little babies. But hopefully he will slow down a bit I don't want a 10lbs baby.
But how can you resist his face!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well the belly is starting to big, and hey my plan is to be started 8 weeks tomorrow. So I got a few more weeks to get even bigger. Alright just thought I'd share. And hey Camden did a pretty good job of taking the pic.

What a cake!!

My fanstastic sis-in-law does the cutest cakes for birthdays!! Just had to show a couple of them off. You can check out lots more of her cakes on the link on my site. Its the blog called Calling all cakes. She does anything from wedding cakes to b-day cakes to open house stuff. Wish I had the talent and time to do the things she does.

A cute cake she made for Braiden. We love going camping and riding up Sand Mountain.
This was the cake she did this year for her boy who turned 5. She does such good work we all can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Whats a MOM to do!!

This is a question for all you stay at home MOM'S out there. I'm starting to realize my life of really working is about to start. My neice once made fun of me and that I only worked 2 days a week and I informed her no i work 150 hours a week and take 18 hours a week and go sit behind a desk and breath. And now with not having those 18 hours to relax and breath not sure what I will do. I'm not sure I am going to be cabable of dealing with the kids everyday. How do you all do it? I've decided I'm not very patient and I'm pretty demanding. (LOL Now I know where Carter gets it from) So any suggestions to keeping my sanity and enjoying my time home with the little ones. I realize it's going to be super hard being home with 3 little ones and luckily Camden does has preschool 2 days a week, but I'm not really worried about him. Carter is going to be my struggle child and I can already tell he is not going to like this new baby. Sure he will think he is cute for the first 10 minutes, but he is not going to be happy with his new brother taking all of his mom's time. And heck if all I had to do was sit with my 3 kids and play and enjoy them then great, but we all know all moms have a million things to do during the day. So looking for ideas on how to deal with them and keep the sanity.