Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rub a Dub Tub...

Figured someday I'll need those embarrassing bath pictures to show girlfriends.. LOL All 3 boys in the tub... Carter and Preston are little tub freaks.. Carter asks for a bath probably twice a day and if the bathroom door is open then Preston wants in..

Thought this was cute of them...

My smiling boys... Yes Preston is a moose.. . LOL

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.. Not sure what I was thinking but thought it would be cute to make green eggs for breakfast.. I've now decided that is what everyone's diet should be, only green things and if it isn't green make it green. I can bet you the food wont look that great so you wont eat as much and the weight will just drop off.
The egg mixture.. Was already thinking what did I do.. This looks so gross.
Decided yeah I made way to much cuz I was not going to touch the stuff. (I'm way to much of a picky eater)

Still thinking "UM... are these done, cuz they still look gross."

The nice table I set for breakfast...

Camden loved them, Carter freaked out cuz he wanted Yellow eggs.. LOL But needless to say he did sit down and eat some. I also had some and my niece heather did too, she added ketchup to hers and hers looked like a nice Christmas tree.. Preston even enjoyed them. Not sure I will do this again..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nocturnal What?

Camden is always coming up with the funniest things to say.. Like a couple weeks ago we meet my parents at Walmart did a little shopping and then decided to head to McDonald's.. As we are leaving Camden put his head out the window and said to my parents.. "If you can't keep up with us then just follow our dust." I thought it was so funny. And my mom asked if I told him to say that, I informed her he had a mind of his own and is always coming up with crazy things.

Then the other night we got home from Nate's parents. I told Camden to go in go potty and get on jammies.. He walks out and this is our conversation..
Camden: "Mom I just peed in the dark the whole time and didn't make a mess."
Me: "How do you know you didn't make a mess."
Camden: "Cuz I could hear my pee hitting in the toilet."
Me: "Oh o.k. Camden"
Camden: "Maybe my pee is nocturnal."

Then the laughing began.. I thought it was so funny.. I had to pick the phone up right then and call my mom and tell her, then I had to text Court and Heather and tell them.. It was so funny.. What little kid thinks like that.. He is so funny and just cracks us up non stop..

Friday, March 11, 2011

11 month

My little baby is a big 11 months old now.. I can't believe he will be one next month.. I'm not sure I'm ready for him to running around and me chasing..
He has been super sick this week, so I'm glad he is feeling better. (I needed him to be feeling better) He is so fun, and makes us laugh all the time.. We love him..

Time for a CUT....

What can I say.. I've been a lazy mom.. Well sort of.. Camden last fall decided he wanted to grow his hair out. Must be from this whole Bieber craze going on.. Needless to say I said o.k. we can grow it out and then come spring we will see how it looks and what we want to do. I'm here to tell you my kids just don't do long.. They have my fine hair and it's just not good long on them.. My hair lady is having a baby next month so I decided time to Cut off the locks..

Carter's before pic..

His after pic..

Camden decided he wanted to shave all his hair off. We convinced him to just go really short. But we were happy he was out of his lets grow my hair out mom..

His before pic.
His after pic..