Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!!

Aren't these two so cute!! Camden couldn't wait to put on their christmas jammies, so needless to say as soon as I pulled them out this morning Camden had to put it on. Camden is super excited for Santa to visit tonight.

What a cutie bug he is! (What a big boy sitting all by himself)

My little boy is getting so big.

Me and Camden built a Gingerbread house yesterday it was pretty fun but hard get the decorating done on it. I think we did a pretty good job for it being our first house.

The finished project.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was finally able to talk Camden into sitting on Santa's lap this year. The past few years he has wanted nothing to do with Santa. I'm thinking this year he is a little more excited. Although last week he did say "He hated Christmas and he didn't want anything for Christmas". Not sure why he was saying that. But I think after sitting on Santa's lap and seeing presents under the tree he is getting excited. Carter was actually pretty good on Santa's lap. Right after the picture was taking I think he realized he was sitting on some stang mans lap cuz then he all of a sudden looked up at Santa and started crying it was so funny.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Crazy 8's Tag:
8 questions, 8 answers, 8 tags (don't forget to leave them a comment that they've been tagged)

8 favorite TV shows:
1- Top Model
2- Sex and the City
3- 90210
4- Friends
5- CSI Miami
6- CSI
7- How I meet your mother
8- Tyra show

8 movies I love:
1- Foot Loose
2- Grease
3- City of Angels
4- Across the Universe
5- Pulp Fiction
6- Cinderalla
7- Wanted
8- Everafter (?)

8 favorite restaurants:
1- Windy's Sukiyaki
2- Tepinyaki
3- Texas Roadhouse
4- Maddox (athough I hardley every go there)
5- Sizzler
6- Pier 49
7- Joe's Crab Shack
8- Bostons

8 things that happened yesterday:
1- worked
2- dropped kids off at Linda's
3- had pizza with mom and dad
4- read some of my book (sooo good)
5- feed Carter
6- got a little sleep
7- started dish washer
8- (asked camden what did I do yesterday and he said) went pee in the toliet LOL

8 things I look forward to:
1- a nap
2- vacations/camping
3- playing with kids
4- fun with kids
5- hanging out with Nate
6- Nights where I get sleep
7- shopping
8- playing cards

8 things I love about Fall:
1- camping
2- Colors- leaves
3- Rain
4- Halloween
5- long walkds
6- cuddling on the couch with a blanky
7- b-day
8- family time

8 Things on my wish list:
1- basement finished
2- tree outside
3- Acadia
4- Win the lotty (I wish)
5- spend lots of time with family
6- gets lots of camping in next year
7- lots of riding in next year
8- good health for everyone

8 friends I tag: (only if you want too) * I don't have 8 friends LOL ( who have blogs)
1- Cassi
2- Carly
3- Lindsay
4- Heather