Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Water Canyon..

So 2 weekends ago the boys wanted to go hiking so we packed our stuff up and headed up Cold Water Canyon. It's just above Nate's parents house so it was nice to be close by.. We had lots of fun and the boys loved it.. On our hike we came across a bunch of Elderberry trees. I had never heard of them, but Nate's dad was telling us how you can eat them and you can make jam and syrup out of them.. Well that got Nate's brain a thinking so of course we had to go up again the next weekend and get some..

The boys... Robert, Camden, Carter and Nate on our hike..

We have to cross over the stream and the kids love it.


Another part of the stream you have to cross..

The Elderberries...

Now mind you I'm thinking Nate wont make a ton and it will be something easy to do.. Well 6 hours later and not that many jars done it was pretty hard work but taste yummy..

Nate picked 6 bags fulls of these things, luckily we had a steam/juicer to do the hard part.. No way would I do it the normal way of cooking these things down..

Got the juice cooking for some jelly.

Yummy.. Elderberry Jelly... We did about 17 pints of Jelly and 9 pints of Syrup.. The syrup is very tasty and I can't wait for pancakes.. Supposedly Elderberries are very good for your health and they recommend taking a tsp of syrup a day for cold/flu symptoms.. Who would've known and just think they were up in the hills and free for taking..

Sunday drive...

A couple of weeks ago we took a nice Sunday drive to try and see the leaves.. We had been camping the weekend before and the leaves were great.. They hadn't changed much yet by our house but the kids were looking for some cool rocks.. We stopped on the divide so they could look around..

Carter not happy that I was taking his picture..

Nate and P having fun.

Camden on top a big ol' rock pile..

First Annual Barlow Yard Clean up...

I decided this year that my parents yard could use some clean up.. I go up every week and mow the lawn but I couldn't do all the other stuff that needed done.. So I called my brother and sisters and said time for yard work at mom and dads.. It was great to have everyone show up and help out. We got a lot of stuff done and their yard looks amazing now.

They guys cut lots and lots of branches and they even took out this tree.

We added lots of dirt by the new RV pad.

Our gal group shot.. (minus bunna and megan.. who took the pics)

We made the younger boys carry all the branches to the trailer.

Little P.. It was a little cold and rainy when we started, but it turned out to be a great day..

The group... We did weeding, branch trimming, hole filling, gutter cleaning, chimney and vent fixing, raking, trimming, edging and mowing..

Friday, October 7, 2011


Just some fun random pictures that I have taken with my camera..

Preston playing peek-a-boo with the place mat.. He was cracking me up..

Carter loves to build huts, this was his latest creation.

Playing with Halloween costumes.. They are a little excited for Halloween this year.. They keep asking when we get to go buy pumpkins..

Preston brought me my camera yesterday and was saying "eeese" it was so cute so I couldn't resist taking some pics with him.. He is so dang fun..

Happy 6th Birthday...

9-19-2011... 6 years ago today you entered our lives and changed us forever.. You were so fat and cute.. I just couldn't get enough of you.. You gave us a rough start and ended up in the NICU for a week.. As a 8 lb 10 oz baby your were double what any other baby in the NICU at the time was.. We have had so much fun with you and can't believe how time as flown and how big you are now.. I'm hoping the next 6 years go a little slower and you don't grow so fast..

Camden just minutes old 9-19-05.. 8lb 10oz..

Camden 1 yr

My big 6 year old..

We had 2 different family birthday parties for Camden and of course being the busy mom that I was I forgot my camera for Nate's side of the family.. At least I got a couple of pics of his b-day.

He wanted a cop set for his b-day.. He was so excited when he got it..

Gotta take a big breath to blow all those candles out.. Happy Birthday Camden we love you!!!!

St. Anthony Dunes...

We went to St. Anthony Sand dunes over Labor day this year.. We hadn't been to these dunes since Carter was 1.. It was wonderful weather and we had lots of fun..

The trailer..

Preston favorite spot to play.. Anytime we looked he was crawling into the dog cage.. I had to laugh.. And wondered how long I could maybe get him to stay in it..

Braiden being a stud that he is.. He was rocking one of the kids helmets.. And yes your right it is too small for Preston's head..

Braiden catching some good air..

Nate and Carter headed out for a ride.. My gosh those boys love the honda. They are just like there dad can't get enough air or go fast enough.. I'm in big trouble..

Our friends have a dog and my kids love him.. He is so good with the kids and they love to play with him.. Carter giving Simba a big ol' hug..

Nate, Carter and Camden headed out on the Polaris..

Once we got home we have to unload all the crap.. And I come out to find 2 little eyes staring at me.. Carter had wiggled his way into the truck and was hiding.. It cracked me up..

Monday, October 3, 2011

One day...

Man one day I will find to time to do everything I want to in a day.. It may be in 20 years when the kids are grown and gone but man it just seems there is too much to do in a day.. I remember 6 years ago working 2 jobs having a new born and thinking man one day I will have more time.. And yet somehow I got stuff done. And here I am 6 years later 3 kids and no job and I can't get much done. One day...... I can't believe it's already October.. Where did September go.. I will have to post pics later but we had a great September.. Went to the Sand dunes over Labor day and then of course Camden turned 6.. He is so big and such a great kid. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. And soon we will have snow and kids will be telling me all of the million things they want for Christmas.. Oh wait the wanting starting a long time ago.. Lets see goal of the day:::: Get something done that needs to be done.. And of course find time to post pics on the blog.. Oh and if anyone hasn't heard of Pintrest yet they should check it out.. Love it...