Tuesday, January 17, 2012

??Chinee Face??

Last night Preston started making the funniest face. It was cracking me up so much.. I called it his Chinee Face.. Had to snap some photos which of course does not do it justice.. Man this kid is funny..

Gosh he looks so fat in this pic.. I love when he makes his face so fat and cute..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Before the rumors start.. No I'm not pregnant and we know I wouldn't have a girl anyways.. lol
But after my in laws having 10 grand boys we finally did get a little girl.... Nate's brother and his wife had a little girl, she is so dang cute.. And yes I plan to spoil her rotten..

Introducing Haylee Ann

I just couldn't get enough of this little gal, she is so tiny and cute.. I wanted to hold her all night.. We are so glad we finally have a girl in the family..

White stuff?

I was starting to wonder if my house had somehow moved to Arizona.. Here is was January 6 and we had yet to have any snow for the year.. We would got a couple little dustings in November but by 2 p.m. the golfers would be out with the snow melted.. So when we woke on Sat morn to 4 inches of snow my kids were super excited..

Even though we didn't get that much and it is starting to melt a little now the kids have played a couple times in the snow and have loved it.. I was glad we got some of that white stuff but now I'm ready for Summer..

Camden was such a good brother and pulled Carter and Preston around on his sled..

Toliet thing..

Below is my darling cute little boy.. He is so cute and fun but man he is turning into a bugger.. He is into everything.. (in fact his shirt says "My parents don't need to know about this") And lately his thing is.....

This.. The toilet.. I swear what is it with kids and toilets I mean I don't look at the toilet and think jeez I would like to put my hand in that and play and splash.. Just thinking if my parents never told me it was gross and icky would I think it would be o.k. to play in it.. I'm thinking NO... But for some reason my little Preston thinks it's his play land.
In fact funny story.. So one day Carter had to go #2 so he went then he called me to come and wipe anywho as we get done and I go to flush I realize Preston has put some things in the toilet that need to come out so then I had to proceed and get items out of the toilet leaving the other stuff in and flush.. Yeah he makes my life full of funny stories.. (You can quit laughing now...)

Christmas Pics..

Finally thought to put up some pics..

Carter was pretty excited about his gift from Grandma and Grandpa.

Camden and his gift from Grandma and Grandpa..

Me and Carter..

The boys love Dinosaur so we got them this cool Dino Dig.. They are pretty excited about it.

Some new jammies..

Preston loved opening up his gifts.

Just a cute little thing I made for friends and family this year.. Had popcorn bag and candy inside..

Got Meat?

Yeah we got Meat... LOL My sister and her husband raise cows and then they let us get meat... We love it, (Nate really loves it) In November our cow was ready.. We used to get only a 1/2 beef but we started running low sooner then later.. So We have been getting a full cow lately.. This year our cow was pretty big.. Yeah your looking at 650lbs of beef.. It took up my whole freezer..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year...

Welcome 2012... Lets see Christmas was great.. And maybe next week I'll find the time to blog about it.. Kids of course were spoiled, and so was I (Why shouldn't I be?) But non the less 2011 was a great year and I don't expect less from 2012..

::: More Camping
::: More date nights
::: Run half marathon (without dying)
::: More kid time
::: Less yelling at kids
::: Less Junk food eating (unless camping, then all bets off.. lol)
::: Enjoy every day....
::: More blogging... (may need a reminder on that one)