Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Craft..

My sister, mom, niece and I made these darling Advent calendars this year.. We had a blast making them and everyone has love them.. (and yes there is candy under those numbers)

Christmas tree

With the basment done now, we decided to put out tree downstairs this year. I was not too thrilled at first. Thinking we are not always downstairs and we wont get to enjoy it as much. Then I thought of Preston and how he would be getting into it non stop.

So down it went. I love it downstairs and it's been great that Preston is not destroying it every chance he gets.

I am hoping next year to save some $$$ and maybe get another tree upstairs, that way we can enjoy a tree in both places..

Little P

Had to share this funny pic of Preston. Last night while I was eating soup I thought he might like some broth. So I started feeding him some.. He started crossing his eyes while eating and checking out the huge spoon he was using.. I was cracking up.. Had to take a pic. What a silly boy..

Check out those teeth.. I took this last week while he was being smile.. (although he always is) He has 6 teeth and I'm pretty sure he is teething more..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A love of guns...

With 3 little boys in the house, we have come to accumulate a collection of toy guns.. Even little P is loving playing with them..
His new favorite toy.. Gotta love it..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Growing in Dog Years...

The other day someone asked me if Preston was 18mo. I laughed and said "No but his cloths are" I informed them that he would be 8 months old this Friday.. I can't believe how big my little guy is.. Not only is he wearing 18 mo old stuff but I felt his 6th tooth last night.. He shouldn't be growing this fast.. He needs to slow down and stay a little baby for me.. My niece informed me that he must be growing in Dog years.. That even though he is only 8 mo old his body is really 20 mo old.. He is such a cutie, always laughing and smiling. My only problem is the kid weighs so much I can hardly haul him around and talk about hauling him in his car seat and throwing it up into the truck.. It's quite a scene. I figure I better enjoy my time with him while he is somewhat smaller if he is really growing in dog years heck he'll be wearing size 3T and running around before he's 1 if it's true...

Carter and the Marker...

Once upon a time there was a mommy who had 3 adorable children.. Her adorable children took so much of her time she just never really felt like she got anything done.. She felt like she did the same 30 tasks every day and didn't get a chance to get other things on her list done.. She also found when her children were being good so she could get something done.. They weren't really being good. Today... 12-7-10.. Mommy was folding laundry in bedroom while she thought Carter was being good watching tv. And baby was playing in bouncer.. Little did Mommy know what Carter had in store for her..... (*Also should mention mommy had already cleaned up Carter and the bouncer 2 hours earlier and thought she had put things were Carter could not get them..)
I came out to see that once again Carter had gotten a hold of the dry eraser marker and had drawn all over his hand again.. (At least not on his face this time.)
Then mommy noticed he had also drawn all over the bouncer again.. **Mom was getting a little mad..
Then Mom noticed Carter had also taken the liberty to make Preston's face a little better looking.. And that is where I lost it and started laughing..

Here is my little guy sitting in his bouncer not caring that Carter has drawn all over it and on his face.. At least it all came off with a wipe.. Thanks heavens the Magic Markers are not around.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hill Museum

On Black Friday.. After I had done my 4am. shopping and put the tree up. We headed out for some more shopping and ended up at the Hill Museum.. I haven't been to the museum since I was probably Camden's age. I did have to go there once for work but we didn't look around. We have wanted to go for the last few years and since it's free you would think we would go lots. For anyone who lives around here I would recommend going.. Lots of fun planes to see and in the summertime they have planes outside you can check out.
Carter standing next to a big ol' plane

Camden had to get a shot next to the plane with great teeth (as he calls it) Yes my son wishes he had big sharp teeth.

It was pretty cold outside but we were able to grab this cute pic before Carter started freaking out.

Love my boys.

Just some cute pics of the boys.. They are starting to play really good with eachother. I'm hoping that continues. They are also fighting alot with eachother. I remember as a kid my 3 older brother fighting non stop and my mom saying to them "If your going to fight go outside" It makes me laugh since I'm always thinking of saying that to my kids and thinking how is my house going to survive 3 boys. It all ready as lots of dents, scratches and stains. I figure in 15 years we can move get a new house and maybe that one will stay clean and dent free. Then again I'm pretty sure Grandkids mess up your house also.

They love playing with Preston, and Preston can't wait till he can take on the big brothers.

Camden and Preston hanging out.
Preston squishing Carter. Carter always wants to hold Preston unfortunately when they are close to the same size it makes it hard.

Oh yeah..

What can I say like father like son, heck like Papa like Grandson.. My boys for some odd reason are a little obsessed with guns, knifes and such. I guess it's a boy thing. Even my little Preston has found the love of guns.. I can tell these boys are gonna give me a run for my money..
What a stud he is.. He is getting so big and with 5 teeth he is ready for some meat... He is getting close to crawling.. We are so lucky to have such a great little guy.

Turkey Time

Camden school does a thanksgiving feast and he has to go as a Pilgrim or an Indian.. Well last year he went as an Indian so I was hoping this year he would go as a Pilgrim but yeah Pilgrims not too exciting, Indians running around killing things yeah exciting.. So here are his Indian pics..

Nate helped decorate the outfit this year..

Last year Camden's Indian name was Howling Bear. This year he decided to be named "Chief Mud in the face" I guess the teacher read a book and the Chief at the end was called Chief mud in the face Camden thought it was hilarious and chose that as his Indian name. Cracks me up.
Had to take that "Serious" Indian photo..