Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet means TROUBLE

So this is the picture that was taking possible 10 minutes ago. While me and Nate were reserving Camp sites. (Yes that is right we are already planning). I thought the kids were being good watching tv, when Camden comes in and has this grin on his face and tells me he is hungry and would like me to get him an egg. Then Carter comes in and says something, me not understanding his gibberish he leaves and comes back to me with some toliet paper. Me realizing oh oh what has he done. I go into the front room to find his masterpiece.

Isn't he such a doll?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Boy Thorsted

I've been meaning to put these pictures up, but haven't had the time to get them scanned. These are from back in Dec when I did my big ultrasound and had 3D pictures taken. What a cutie this next kid is gonna be. I think he looks like just Carter. So amazing what technology they have these days.

Baby update: Went to the doctor last Friday baby is looking good weighing around 2.5lbs. and things are right on schedule. Due date is set for April 17, but hoping to have the kid around the 15th or so. What fun 3 little boys running around are gonna be.

My little helper

This morning I decided while Camden was at school I would see if I couldn't get the kitchen cleaned. Carter loves sitting up on the counters but it sure makes it hard for me to clean them. So after I got the sink full of soaper water we pulled a chair over so he could watch. Well I guess when you leave for a minute to switch laundry the water is fair game.

This is what I came back to. Silly kid trying to wash his hair with the bubbles.

And then he thought it would be a good idea to put the bubbles in his eye.
I couldn't resist how funny and cute he was being. So what can a mom do but let them play and have fun..

Field Trip

Last week Camden preschool went on a field trip to the Tree House. He had a blast. He even got to help tell a fun story.

Camden being the Gander

Gitty up Cowboy!!

They had fun writing on the tile.

Camden's preschool class, they also had the 4/5 yr old afternoon class with them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a long weekend

Well with Monday being a holiday I had a nice long weekend home with the kids, needless to say I'm very excited to be going to work tomorrow. Not sure what I will do when I have this next baby and I'm home all the time. But here are some fun pictures of the kids and the things we (they) did while I was home.
Carter loves to wear my shoes, Camden used to wear my shoes all the time and now the two of them are often seen wondering around in my boots or heals. They look good on him right?

What do you do to entertain two hyper kids and two tired parents? You pretend your going to the drive in and make huge bed on the floor and then we all lay down and watch a family movie together. Camden loved it and Carter was so excited he could hardly sit still for more then 30 seconds before he would be jumping up and running around to jump on nate. Camden was very sad the next day when the bed got put away.
Think he needs a hair cut? This kid has such blonde hair and it's so fine, that you just can't cut it all off or else he looks bald. We enjoy the occasional fohawk, although with him I think it's more of the real thing.

What goes on at Bunna's

You would think by now that we all know if the kids are being good and quiet, something must be going on. A few weeks ago while the adults were playing cards, we could here the kids just playing and being good. Me thinking oh how nice they are getting along should've of known something was up.

Needless to say they had a blast jumping on everything, and of course my mom says "It's O.K." and they just play and have fun. Now if we could only stop them from trying to do it at our house.

Is that how it's done?

For any of those who have wondered, how a 19 month eats an orange. Well it's very simple

Step 1: Give the child the orange

Step 2: Let the child bite into the orange.
Step 3: Laugh at the faces he is making, cuz he has to do it his way without any help.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas

The Thorsted family had a wonderful christmas this year. The kids loved everything Santa brought them and enjoyed spending the day with family.

Camden's new bike, he was pretty excited to get a bigger bike and he had to make sure that Santa did not put training wheels on it.

Carter has had lots of fun in his HUGE dump truck. He can even sit in it and watch movies.

Of course Camden had to take the bike out for a spin, yeah he was mighty cold and even wrecked it after he hit some ice.

What a cute picture of my monster child. He sure had fun ripping the presents apart.

Sledding 2010

Took Camden sledding on New Years he had a blast. He was catching some pretty good air.