Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babies First

So we get home from Marsh Lake last Sunday and Preston is happy and I just let him play and when it is time for him to eat I pick him up feed him and when I go to burp him I find he has blue gum in his hair. Yeah not sure how that got there but my guess is Carter. Camden and Carter shared a piece of Cotton Candy flavored bubble yum on the ride home. Funny thing is I fed Preston in Evanston and didn't notice the gum and the boys had got ride of the gum long before that. Needless to say it was not fun getting it out. My mom suggested Peanut Butter but that only seemed to make it rock hard in his hair. (Maybe your not supposed to use the chunky kind) so after the Peanut Butter I figured I better get him in the bath and with a lot of scrubbing and some baby oil we were able to get the gum out with only pulling a few hairs out of his head. Poor little guy.

The big nice wade of gum.. At least it smelled yummy.

Gum with a coating of Peanut Butter.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marsh Lake 2010

Every year Nate's family goes Camping up to Marsh Lake. Last week was the week. We had a blast and it was great staying for a whole week. The kids had fun we had great weather, was only 70 during the day and got around 40 at night. We did not enjoy when we got back to Ogden and it was 99. We can't wait till next year for our week long vacation in the woods.

What we called home sweet home for the week.

We had a great time fishing. We (the boys) caught lots of fish. We still have some in our freezer if anyone is interested. (lol)

A good shot of some of the fish.

Sitting around the campfire roasting hot dogs.

Camden and I showing our CHEESE face.

This is how Carter was watching a movie one night. He is just dangling off the bed.

Camden saw his older cousin swimming in the lake and I said to him "why aren't you doing it" So he did. He only went up to his stomach, but he said it was cold but fun.

Love this picture. Got all the kids ready for bed and they are just chilling by the baby.

Just for fun....

It's silly sometimes when you go back and check out the pictures on your camera. All those silly pictures that you took that you forgot about.. Here are just a few that we took this month..

Hmmm.. Wrestling anyone? What my boys are usually doing.

This is Carters new face that he is always doing

And of course Camden had to show his version of Carters silly face.

We have a bumbo for Preston but for some reason it is always being used by other people.. Carter for one thinks this niftey seat is for him.

Nate found it as a handy pillow to keep his head up.

Camden took this picture. He did a pretty good job.. He thinks the glasses and nose are pretty darn funny.

I think the kid looks pretty good with a stashe

And of course he had to make a silly face with just the glasses.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Anyston

Here is a darling little pic of my new (great) neice Anyston. She is such a doll. She was born Monday morn. She has tons of hair and is so cute and sweet. Can't wait till she is big enough to play with.

Big 3 month old

My little guy is getting so big.. He will be 3months tomorrow. How time flies... He can sit in his bumbo now.. He is such a cutie and such a good baby. I'm truly lucky to have such a good kid. (He must know his brothers take up lots of my time) We are so lucky to have him in our lives. We love him more and more each day..

Preston just relaxing sitting in his bumbo

Camden had to get in a pic with the baby.

Now that is a smile.. He cracks us up and is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July.....

What a great 4th of July we had this year.. It was Nate's friday off and with Monday being a holiday that gave him a 4 day weekend.. And that never usually happens. We were so happy to have Nate home with us for 4 days.. We started off our holiday weekend by going to the Cherry Day's parade on Saturday morn. The kids had a blast and got a ton of candy..
:Saturday July 3:

Trying to wait for the parade to start wondering when the candy is gonna start flying.

Again waiting for the candy.... They had a whole bunch by then but they were willing to sit around waiting for more..

Preston just relaxed and hung out in his stroller..
After the parade we went to the Logan Cruise in.. And guess what I didn't take one picture of a car. LOL Oh well. The kids had fun and they loved walking in the river..
Carter just wanted to splash around.

Camden had a blast walking back and forth, we couldn't get him to leave.. His please just one more time become probably around 20 times..
The only ok pic I have when we did fireworks later that night. My camera just doesn't do good dusk pictures.. Needless to say the kids had a blast doing fireworks. It's so nice when the little ones are excited by the small fireworks.. We then sat out and watched Weber Highs firework show and we could also see Perry's doing theres.

:Sunday July 4:

We decided to take a little drive (you know let the kids get a nice nap in) and we ended up driving all the way to Smith and Morehouse it was wonderful up there and actually a bit cold. The kids had fun walking around and of course throwing rocks in the river.. We even saw a guy walking up the river and he caught 2 fish.. The kids thought that was great. And we are now excited to go camping up there.
Camden standing on the north end of the lake.
Kids throwing rocks

Taking a little stroll.
:Monday July 5:
Camden was lucky enough to be in the Farr West Parade this year. He got to ride on a float for his preschool. He had so much fun..
He was on the opposite side of where we were sitting so I didn't get a great shot of him, but hey it works right?

The 2nd float that Appleseed Academy had.
After the Farr West parade and a few naps for all of us. We headed to my parents neighbors house where they had a cherry tree chuck full of cherries. We ended up picking a ton of cherries and the kids had a blast in the tree.

Carter showing us what a big guy he is in the cherry tree.

Camden, Carter and Bunna hanging out in the tree.
My niece Courtnie also had her baby on July 5. I got to go to the hospital and see her. She is such a cutie. She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. She is so tiny.. And her darling little name is Anyston. Pictures to follow sometime...