Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Project (not my idea.. lol)

Nate was able to take the week between Christmas and New Years off this year.. The kids were very excited to have him around for 10 days.. I of course thought we would be doing some fun stuff and some cleaning of course.. He had other ideas.. We finished most of our basement last spring, but we still had the cold storage to do and we still have a bathroom that has some more work to be done.. Well Nate decided while he had a week off he would do the cold storage. I thought sure it wont take that long lets do it..
Of course we had to put up Foam Insulation to keep it cold in the summer and colder in the winter. I call it my Pepto room. LOL

And the foam is pretty soft I think he might of also made it in case I go crazy one day.. (I'll have my padded room ready if needed)

The finished project.. Nate and his dad cut all the wood and then I helped assembly and such. It's not a huge room just big enough to hold food.

Now the goal of getting it full of food for 2 years. (Thank heavens for case lot sales.. LOL)

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Vause Family said...

Well done, Nate. And I just love that a house full of boys has at least one pink room in it. One of my new year's goals is food storage, so now you've got me excited!