Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cute butts..

We got home from camping and I had to spend a couple days cleaning the trailer so we could get ready for our big camping trip of the year.. Needless to say while I had sleeping bags out the kids had fun..

Love this pic of Carter and Preston just relaxing on the sleeping bag watching t.v.

Love them cute butts, just hanging out in a shirt and diaper.. And yes Preston is as big as Carter.. LOL


Did a quick trip to Dock Flats last weekend.. We had fun hanging out and enjoying time with family.

Camden and Braiden being silly.

We rode as high as we could got into some fun snow. The boys of course had fun playing in the snow.

Ran into my niece Jessie up on the mountain, her and her friend got a little muddy.

Our view on our ride.

The end of the road.. We got pretty close to Inspiration point. A couple more hot days and I bet you could make it to the top.

Me and Courtnie getting ready for the ride.

Preston sitting in the chair. He wasn't happy it was raining and he couldn't go and play.

The boys playing with Simba.

Under the awning while the rain came.

The other group under the awning.

Preston and Anyston chillin..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bear Lake

Nate had the whole week of the 4th off. We wanted to do a bunch of fun stuff, but of course i was sick all week. We did however make it up to bear lake for the day. We went with Nate's parents and had a good time.

The kids in the water, yeah it was very full and very cold.

Tried to get a cute family shot, just noticed Preston is not looking..

The kids loved throwing rocks into the water and searching for sea shells. with no beach there wasn't many sea shells lying around.

Little P sitting on a rock.. my little man is 15 month old now.. So big and so cute..

On our drive up we stooped at Tony Grove.. There was lots of snow and still lots of ice in the water..

Gotta love the snow in flip flops..

We stooped at Ricks Springs on the way up too. Talk about over flowing.. You couldn't cross the bridge and they had Caution rope everywhere.. I've never seen so much water coming out of the Spring.

The kids had to go check out the little cave on the side..

Happy 4th of July

This year for the fourth we did the whole parade thing again.. We went to the Farr West parade where Camden is on the Appleseed float.. It was fun to watch him and it was great to have so many people there supporting him..

Carter was ready to get the candy.. We left with that bag pretty much full of candy..

The fam.... right to left.. Nate's dad, Preston, Nate, carter, Papa, Bunna, Lori, Boston, Courtnie and Anyston.

Little Anyston.. She turned one the next day... She is such a cutie..

Me and Preston..

Here comes Camden's float

Last time my little guy will get to ride in the parade.. Next year we will go and watch Carter..

Swim Lessons..

It's that time of year again, when we need to pull out the swim suits and jump in the pool... The kids were super excited for swim lessons this year.. Camden did a great job and is turning into a pretty good swimmer.

We are lucky enough that Nate's aunt has a pool and her daughter teaches swim lessons. It's nice to go just to the aunts house and watch the kids swim.

Camden showing his ability to swim to the stairs.

Camden just getting in the water.

Carter and I did a mommy and me swim class. It was good for him to get used to the water and he had lots of fun playing. And it was nice for me to work on my tan.. LOL

Me and Carter having some fun.