Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of School....

I can't believe my little guy is in Kindergarten.. He is so big I can't believe he is almost 6.. How time flies.. He was super excited to start school but very nervous to ride the bus. Of course he loved it and is loving school.

What a cute shot of Camden.

Of course Carter had to jump in a pic..


Preston... Laying on the grin.. (so cute)

Standing in line for the bus..

Climbing on that big ol' yellow bus... Not sure who cried more me or Carter.. He was so sad to see Camden leaving for school.

He's back.. Had a great first day and is loving going to school.

Carter waiting for Camden to get off the bus, he was so glad to see him.

What I've been doing....

My wonderful hubby went a little tomato crazy this year.. We planted 27 tomato plants and lets just say I've had my elbows up in tomato's alot..

Did 31 jars of Salsa so far.. (and yes we want to do more...)

Done 22 Quarts of Stewed tomato's so far....

Did 12 Quarts of Tomato juice last night.. And the tomato's are just coming on now too..

And of course we had to do some jam... I did about 42 jars..

Some of the jam.. My mom, Courtnie, Megan and I spent the day doing 6 batches of jam.. Gotta have the jam I love it...

Family Reunion

The Barlow Family had a campout this year.. We have lots of fun and it's great to see all the family.. Hopefully I'll have a group pic soon.

Me and Heather striking a pose..

Preston doing what he loves best.. Sweeping..

We played some fun Minute to Win it games, the kids had a blast.

Having fun getting candy out of the pool.

My kids couldn't get enough candy..

Hanging out..

Little P chilin in the cabin.

Anyston looking cute as always.

This is what happens when you jump on a deflating air mattress and it's sitting on concrete.. Yeah it swelled up in no time and as you can tell he was not happy.

Mighty big bump..


My niece Morgan and nephew Logan came and visited us this year.. I hadn't seen them in about 4 years.. They have gotten big and very tall.... We had lots of fun hanging with them... Wish we got to see them more often...