Sunday, February 20, 2011


We woke up today with a big surprise.. 6 inches of snow.. The kids were excited, the parents not so much.. Meant we had a day of shoveling and dealing with kids wanting to go outside.. The kids talked Nate into building a snowman.. We haven't had great snowman snow this year. So even I was a little excited that they got to go out and I was even more excited when I didn't have to help.
The kids wanted a big snowman.

Putting the stomach on.

Oh got the head on now..

The finished project.. The kids were very proud of there snowman. They will be sad when he melts away.


For Valentines we got the kids tickets to Monster trucks.. We took Camden a couple years ago, and thought it would be fun to take both Camden and Carter this year.. It was Carters first time going to a fun event with us..

Doing some jumps.. The funny thing about this pic is during the freestyle part both these trucks rolled. It was great.. I think it became Camden's fav part. We usually never seem them roll.

Geez my boys are runts next to the tires.. (I want one...)

Camden striking a pose next to a tire..

Carter's face during some of the jumping.. He didn't like it at first it is pretty loud, and then at the end when they were during the freestyle he fell asleep on me.. Who could sleep with all that noise.

Had my niece try and take a pic of us.. The camera just doesn't work like it used to. But hey it was great.. We had a fun time. 13 of us went all together.

Field Trip...

Last week Camden got to go to the Fire station for a field trip.. He was super excited to go and he had a good time..
Sitting in the firetruck, the whole class just climbed on in.
Listening to the fire firefighters talk to them.

They each got to take a turn and use a smaller hose and spray down cones.. Camden did a great job.

Camden's class

Me and Camden went to McDonald's after his field trip and got some ice cream. It was nice to spend just a little one on one time with him. He is always fighting for attention with the other two little ones around. I thought it was a good idea for us to go and have fun together..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

My parents are celebrating 47 years of marriage today.. What a cute couple they were back then.. And still are.. So lucky to have such great parents in my life..
Love you Mom and Dad.. Happy Anniversary...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kindergarten check up...

Camden had to go in for his Kindergarten check up. Of course he looks great.. He had to get 2 shots and he took them like a man. Just layed there and acted like HEY IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!! He is so funny and he can't wait till he can go to Kindergarten. He was so bummed that he missed the deadline by a couple weeks.
Here are his stats..
Height: 46.5 in 92%
Weight: 45 lbs 66%
What can I say he is one tall lean machine..