Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go Utes??

Took these pics today just for Heather, she gave us this outfit when Carter was a baby. And she knows how the family is BYU fans. Well maybe not my little family but the big family sure is. So today I thought before Preston is too big for the outfit I would put him in it and take some pics for her. He is doing his GO UTES cheer.. So here you go heather don't say I never gave you anything.

Tree house time

My lovely co-workers go me a yearly pass to the treehouse. So yesterday we piled in the truck and took Preston to my moms and then we meet Courtnie, Boston and Jessie at the treehouse for some fun. The kids had a blast and we even saw a guy who had a dragon. The kids loved the dragon and thought it was so cool the dragon could talk. LOL

The boys had to each take a turn driving the fire truck.

Boston milking the cow. Later on in the day Jessie and Camden had a milk fight..

Camden riding the bull

Camden taking his turn milking the cow.

Carter loved the horse

Just a cute shot of Camden in the train.

Rainy Days

L:ast week we had a few rainy days and what is a mom to do with kids wanting to go outside and play? Well we blow bubbles in the house..(don't tell dad) The kids had a blast and now all Carter wants to do is have bubbles blown in the house.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What a cutie this guy is..

The 3 boys.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter egg hunt

Every year we do a Easter egg hunt up at Nate's parents. I was pretty excited that this year Carter would enjoy running around finding eggs. We had lots of fun finding eggs and loved all the candy he got.
Love this picture of Carter and Isaac looking for eggs.

Everyone enjoys watching the kids find the eggs.

Camden found another one.

Carter showing his bag and his purple egg.

The BIG 30!!!

Yes my friends my hubby turned the big 30 this year. I just can't believe we've been together almost 10 years, time just flies when your having fun and popping out kids. I love him more and more each day and I'm so grateful he is such a great friend and a wonderful father. Love you honey.

Nate opening some presents at my parents house.

We did a combined party for nate and my niece heather she turned 22 on April 1, it was fun to have a little shin dig for them.

Nate opening some presents at his parents house.

And this my friend is what happens when Carter helps me make cakes. He had a lot of fun eating the chocolate out of the bowl. I still think he is on a sugar high from it.

And of course he had to stack the frosting and drink mix. LOL What a stud my kid is.

Lets go fly a KITE

Probably 2 years ago Camden recieved a kite for Easter. Well being the busy parents we are, we had not taken him out and flown his kite yet. So on a nice windy day me and the kids decided we would give it a try. It did not work out as good as I hoped, but the kids had a blast chasing it around.

Camden attemptin to get his kite up in the air.

Cookie time

The boys and I decided to make some cookies a few weeks ago. The boys are big helpers, they had lots of fun making cookies.

They both helped me pour stuff in.

This is what happens when prego lady tried to get pans. LOL

They love licking the spoons.

And of course they each have to have a ball of dough.