Monday, August 23, 2010


So took Preston to his 4 mo check up today. I know it's a little late but his 2 mo was late. He is a very healthy boy.. Weighing in at 18lbs 7 oz. He is also very tall for his age. Both his weight and age were in the 93%. And his head is in the 81%. Thinking really there is 7% of babies bigger then him. Yicks I feel for those parents.. I can barley haul my moose around. We are so thankful for our giant baby. Glad he is healthy and such a good little guy.. We love him.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Me and the kids went out this morning to check on the garden. We were pretty surprised to find a couple huge zucchini.. Our tomatoes aren't the best this year but we are getting a few here and there. We love our garden...

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Had to share these pics.. So cute.. Nate has my camera so I've been taking pics with my phone. I thought it was so funny when Preston was trying to eat his toe. He loves to play with his feet but he usually never gets them to his mouth (too much fat to go through) but today he did it. It was cracking me up. He thought he could get his mouth and feet in.

My new fav pic of him. I get lots of smiles out of this kid but usually by the time the camera takes the pic he is making some weird face. So I was so glad I got this super cute pic of him. My little baby is getting so big.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

While Nate is off in Saudi we are trying to do some fun things to pass the time so today for Boston's b-day we went to Chuck E Cheese. I haven't been to the new one in Layton. The kids had fun and it was nice that all the games and such are only 1 token. It was fun that they had things that took your picture too.

Our fun little family picture..

Camden taking a ride with good ol' Chuck...

Carter's turn with Chuck..

OH yeah.. These cards are awesome. I love Camden's face in this one. It turned out so funny, and getting the Stunt Master card made it great.

Carter was so funny we had to hold him up to try and take this he didn't understand to just sqaut a little bit so he could be in the pic.

And of course Preston was looking at the camera till it counted to 1 and then he turned his head.

And hey I got the CSI card.. You didn't get to pick your cards you just go to pick if you wanted a boy or girl card. But I think they turned out great.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big 4mo old..

My tiny little man is not to tiny anymore. This little man is so fat and cute we just can't stop kissing him. He is hurting my hands and arms from holding him and man the back is also feeling it. My little guy is 4 mo old today. He is so much fun..

Check out those cheeks and those chins.. Love them.

Just chillin out looking for something to put in his mouth..

Carter my man...

Just some cute pics of Carter that I've snapped in the last week..
Carter just chillin between the couches.. Camden snapped this pic for me.

Carter sleeping. I was cracking up when I walked up stairs and saw him sleeping like this.

Dino Park

So yesterday my mom called and asked if I wanted to go with her to the Dino park. I said sure we would love to go. I figure I better gets the kids there before school and such and I haven't had them there this year. So we packed up and headed out.

The boys checking out a big old dino..

Gotta love those boys..

They had to do a funny pic of course.

In the cave..

Carter coming down the slide.

Carter playing peekaboo.

Braiden and Camden playing "KING OF THE TURTLE"

Camden coming out of the slide.

Braiden coming out of slide.

The boys favorite part of the park playing in the dino dig..

What happens when you climb on rocks at the park and fall off.. Yeah Carter was just playing around and climbed on some rocks and next thing we know he has fallen off and hit his head on something and is bleeding everywhere. So we packed up and headed to the insta care.

At Insta Care got all the blood cleaned up and luckily they wounds weren't too deep. So no stitches. They just put some super glue on the marks to stop the bleeding. He did get a nice goose egg from it though.

A little closer pic a few hours later when he was feeling a little better. Not too bad looking he still can't lay back and put his head on the floor. Poor little guy.


Last week I decided to be adventurous and I took all 3 boys to the Treehouse.. It was pretty fun and Preston was good most of the time. And I didn't even lose Carter this time.. LOL
The boys hanging out in the Tepee Carter made me climb in with Preston in the pack.

Carter showing his stuff on the horse.

Camden getting rough with the bull.

The Activity for the day was making these fun wands and crowns.

Just playing around on a great log that can be used to hide in and jump off of.

Family date night.

A couple weeks ago we decided to do a Family date night.. So we headed out and went and grabbed some pizza and headed up to a park that Camden has been dying to go to.

The park had a mighty tall slide..

Nate and Preston even took the slide for a ride

Carter actually sitting still for a min so I could snap a photo

Isn't he cute.. What a stud he is.

He loved the big slide

Camden had fun climbing up the rock wall.

They had this cool wire tower thing and Camden was a pro at climbing all the way to the top, Camden is already asking when we can go back to the park. I think we all had a great Family Date night.

My OCD boy.....

I've discoverd my little guy is OCD.. He is really into the number 2 so anytime he asks for something he wants 2 of them. And I'm seeing that he is really into having things in a nice order. He cracks me up with the things he does. He is so fun. So here are a few of the pics I've taken of the way he likes to organize things.

Carter was playing in the sink while I was cleaning and I noticed he kept taking spoons out of the drawer well I left to come back and find all the spoons in a nice order.

We have a mini fridge downstairs and we have put some drinks in there. I came downstairs one day to notice he had taken all the drinks out and put them on the table. Cracks me up.

Yesterday we were playing in the toy room and he wanted all the cars out so we took them out and he proceded to line them up in a nice order and then he wanted to count them.

Sword fighting

I'm glad my boys have found another use for the vacuum accessories.. Nothing like a good ol' sword fight. Hey at least they are being used for something right?

Carter striking his pose with his sword

The boys fighting.

Camden trying his best to kill all the monsters.

Following the LEADER...

My little guys love their daddy.. They have so much fun with him. Even when it comes to mowing the lawn. Thought this was so cute the other day when I looked outside to see that Camden and Carter were just following Nate around. I couldn't resist snapping some pics.

What cute guys I have.