Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9 month checkup

Preston had his 9 mo check up today.. Glad to say he is a very healthy big boy..

Here are his stats...
:Weight: 23.25 lbs. *83%
:Length: 30 in *91%
:Head: 18 in *92%

Our little guy is not so little anymore.. We love him just the way he his.. We love those fat check and the rest of his fatness.. He is such a happy baby.. He has 7 teeth in and does really good with teething.. He is working on crawling.. He can finally lift his body off the ground and is doing the rocking motion.. I'm thinking in a week or so he'll be all over the place.. He already rolls anywhere he needs to go. It's also nice that he can go from laying to sitting.. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful little (big) guy..

Just a cute shot I tried to get of the boys. We were headed to a baby blessing and of course Preston had to check other things out.. But thought it turned out pretty cute..


Vause Family said...

Ok, adorable! Especially of all three boys.

Courtnie said...

super cute! he is soo fat and i love him! he would eat anyston thats for sure!