Friday, February 22, 2013


Camden is playing basketball this year, he is having a lot of fun. It's a good thing he is tall. He is such a good little player.

Big foot

I have big feet, but they look huge next to my niece Courtnies. Haha

The bottom has my niece Heathers foot print too, at least hers isnt as tiny..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Me and P..

Just a cute pic of Me and P. My little guy is getting to big, I can't believe he will go to preschool this year. This is the pic I sent my niece Heather she just moved to Seattle and we get to see her in 2 weeks. We can't wait to see her and her baby bump.


We've had so much snow the last few weeks and my kids love it. I'm ready for spring/summer.. My kids had a blast at their Bunna's (grandma's) house jumping in the snow.

Milk Day...

I don't love grocery shopping with all the kids, but every once in a while I have to. Yesterday was milk day so we headed out to get milk. They love the little carts but they become little nascar drivers. People are always checking out the boys, I can always tell if there thinking Oh such cute kids or Oh my this lady is crazy for bringing her kids here.. haha

Good Times..

My kids crack me up non stop.. I don't know where they learn half the stuff they do. I sure wish I had some of their energy. Preston cracked me up the other day when he was able to take off his shirt while seat belted in his car seat. He was so proud of himself.

Play time...

Got the chance to watch the cute neighbor girl yesterday, not only was she a doll but my boys had so much fun with her.. Made me think having 4 kids wouldn't be so bad. Then I realized the 5 hours they were good wouldn't be this way all the time.