Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just some fun pics I needed to post..

Had a play date with a friend and my niece last friday. Me and Carter baked cupcakes early that morn after shoveling the snow.. Being the nice mom that I am.. I let him lick the beater at 8:20 a.m. I think he even got some in his mouth.
While putting this post up Carter came and saw the pic and said "Look at my face I want to do that again."

Alex, Anyston and Preston
The little babies.. As you can see they weren't too happy to have there picture taken.. Alex is 6 weeks younger then P and 6 weeks older the Anyston. I'm still afraid Preston could eat them both..

Put the kids goggles on Preston and he thought they were fun for 2 sec, then he started pulling on them. I thought they looked cute on his fat face.

Camden and friends playing outside.. They had a little follow the leader thing going on.

Not sure what they were doing, although I did see them eating big balls of snow. But heck they were being good and having fun in the white stuff.
This is Carter after his day of eating cupcakes, playing with friends, being in the snow and running around with me.. Love those times when I walk into a room and he is sound asleep even if he is still somewhat standing..

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Vause Family said...

Thanks for having us over! The pictures are darling!