Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas tree

We finally got some presents wraped and under the tree. The kids have been so excited wanting to know when they get to open them and what is inside.

Last night Carter was down checking out the tree and both Camden and Nate went down to chat with him about the presents. I couldn't resist taking this picture it was so cute all of them lying there checking everything out.

Santa time

We went to our ward christmas party this year in hopes to see Santa. Luckily we had the inside scoop and new he would be there. Camden has been asking me for about a month now to go and sit on Santa's lap. We all know how crazy it is to get to the mall, so we were happy to eat some breakfast and see Santa.

The kids in line, they were both super good waiting patiently.

Carter was happy to see Santa until he had to sit on his lap. Then he was not liking it. He knew that was the only way to get a candy cane, so he endured for about 5 seconds.
Camden on the other hand was very good and enjoyed chatting with Santa. He has asked for a new blue bike without training wheels. Camden has asked how would Santa get into the garage and us asking Camden why does Santa need to get into the garage. He informed us where else would he put his bike. When we told him he would probably be able to get it by the christmas tree he was so excited to think Santa would leave a bike in the house. ** Maybe he was just surprised that his parents would let Santa leave the bike in the house. LOL So heres hoping the Santa heard Camdens wish and a new blue bike is waiting for him. (Hope you read the blog Santa**LOL)

Christmas Candy

For those of you who know us, we love making christmas candy with Nate's family. I think it's something they have always done. So glad when I become part of the family that I was able to get in on the candy making. I don't have any wonderful picutes of the candy but hey it all looks great and it taste wonderful.
What we did to entertain kids while we tried to do candy.

Pictures of the carmel (pre-cut) and the almond balls.

The process of getting the almond balls done. Sorry no picture of the fudge, peanut brittle, and peanut clusters.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas card 09

Well finally we have our christmas card. I'm trying to get a bunch sent out but someohow I always count wrong. So if you don't recieve a card from us, sorry and next year I'll try and count better. So here it is and we are all sending you wonderful wishes and thoughts.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First snow 09

When we got our first snow storm in the beginning of November the kids couldn't wait to go out and play. Even though it was super cold and windy that didn't stop them. They had a blast.
The boys hoping we would get enough snow that they could help dad plow with the four wheeler. Four wheelers make things so much more fun.

The boys holding still for one minute before jumping into the fresh snow.

Carter was not quite sure what to do with the white fluffy stuff. He could hardly move with all his layers on.

And of course first thing Camden had to do was make a snow angel. What a cutie that kid is.

Goodbye November

November came and gone by so quickly I'm not sure what happened. And I know December will do the same. Here are just some pictures of what went on this November.

Carter was being so funny and thought we could hind behind the blinds. He was cracking me up.

On Thanksgiving day at Nate's parents it was nice enough for the kids to be out and still cold enough that their pond was frozen. So the kids went ice skating.

Carter thought he wanted in on the action but Nate did a good job keeping him off the ice.

Another November another b-day. I celebrated my first annual 29th birthday this year. I'm looking forward to all my annual 29th birthdays from now on.

What was at work for me when I got to work on my birthday. Still enjoying all the candy. It's great to work with such great gals. I'm truly going to miss them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy BELATED Turkey Day

Happy Belated Turkey Day everyone!! Hope everyone had great food and a nice long nap. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving up at Nate's parents house. My parents spent the week in New Hampshire visiting my brother so it was sort of nice not to have to jump from house to house. Thought I'd announce to everyone that we will be expecting baby boy #3 this coming April. We are very excited for our new arival and can't wait for him to meet his 2 older crazy brothers. Now if we could just all agree on a name and get the basement finished. What fun times we will

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn:: From one crazy family to the next. This year we had my family come over and do Frito pie and Clam Chowder. It was nice not to have to drag the kids anywhere and let them get out trick or treating before it was too dark.

As we can see Camden was Anikin this year and we tried to get Carter to be Yoda. His costume really didn't every stay on too long. But he sure enjoyed getting Candy.

We tried to get a cute pic of this kid but he just doesn't sit still.

Camden showing us what a great Anikin he could be.

Boston was the cutest monkey!!

Braiden was Michael Jackson.

Papa of course had to check out the wig and hat. I think it looked pretty good on him.

Trick or Treat

Every year Nate's work does a trick or treating at their buildings. Camden is alwasy so excited to go down and get tons of candy. The kids had a good time and it was fun to see all the other kids dressed up.

The drive down Carter did pretty good the whole way.

Camden of course fell asleep he seems to do it every year. But this time he had green vampire teeth in. Had to take a pic.

Could never get in front of the kids so only had back shots of them.

All the candy they got. We only let Carter get Candy from like ever 5th person.

The end result of too much candy. Crazy kids.


Camden's first preschool preformance. What a good job the kids did. And of course 30 seconds into the first song my camera batteries go dead. So I didn't get any video but it was fun to see the kids sing some fun Halloween songs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Halloween Party!!!

Every year we have a Thorsted Halloween party. This year was super fun and the kids had a blast. They ate lots of yummy food and lots of candy and so did the parents.

Carter enjoying checking out all the yummy food.

Cousin Mark and Cousin Jack talking things out.

Cousin Isaac hitting the bat!!

This was Carter's favorite part of the night. He loved swinging and hitting the bat. We couldn't keep him away.

Camden going to take a turn.

Who is that handsome man behind the mask? Of course it's Camden.

Playing a little cake walk!! Gotta love those treats.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing you!!

Happy Birthday Lisa!! We love and miss you and can't wait till we get to see you again.

Carter sitting by the pumpkin

The boys showing off their work.

Special pumpkin that the kids carved to put on Lisa's grave.

Weekend Adventure

Well we had wanted to go camping last weekend but with us not knowing what the weather was going to be like and having lots of stuff we needed to do around the house. We decided to get some stuff done and then just go on a little adventure with the kids. We decided to hike up to the North Fork Waterfall. It was muddy and wet, but we had a blast. And luckily it wasn't too long of a hike.

Start of the hike

The end of the hike, thinking we will need to go back next spring when there is more then just a trickle of water coming down.

Camden was all about being the leader and he loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who needs Training wheels?

My little guy is getting so big. He is now offically riding with no training wheels. He is getting so big he has already grown out of his bike. Not to mention he's already worn out the tires. He's all about jumping dirt hills and going super fast. He is so good!! He loves to ride.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun Family Day

So Last Sat after planting our tree we decided to take a drive and check out the leaves and get a shake up at Bear Lake. We had such a great day, probably the best day we've spent together. It was just so fun doing things with the kids and they were so good the whole time.

First stop: Ricks Springs, Camden thought it was so cool to see water coming out of this little cave. And while we were there there were scubadivers coming out from the spring. Nate informed me you can scubadive into the spring and it leads into a cave.

Camden loved stopping at bear lake and getting to play in the water.

Cater had so much fun with the little waves and picking up shells.

Family pic of us in the water. The water felt great.