Thursday, October 28, 2010


So the other day me and my mom went to Walmart to get some stuff and what do I see in the parking lot. Brett Michael's tour bus.. I'm thinking why in the heck would Brett have his tour bus at the Ogden Walmart my mom had no clue he was was. (Had to laugh at that). As we were coming a guy was walking to the bus he punched some magic key pad and he went in the bus. I'm thinking really is Brett on that bus?
I told my mom that if the bus was still there when we came out I was gonna take a pic of it. Sure enough after an hour of shopping the bus is still there and now people are parking around the bus and standing around taking pictures. I had noticed a white sheet of paper on the window when we had come so I decided to take a look the paper it read "Brett Michael's is not on this bus he is at home with his family" REALLY? Like if he was on the bus it would say Brett is on the bus.. Or maybe they wouldn't have anything.. I'm thinking of course they probably always have that sign on that. Hello doesn't matter sign or no sign people are going to ask and the bus guys are going to say "Sorry he's not on the bus" So really Brett Michael's could've been sitting in his bus in the Ogden Walmart Parking lot enjoying a Big Mac while people are standing around taking pictures? I guess no one will ever know.. I just thought it was funny to see the tour bus there and had to take a pic. And the sign made it even better. I may put that sign on my car when I go somewhere.. "Mandy is not in this vehicle she is at home with her kids" LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

A few weeks ago we did Family pictures with Nate's side of the family. We haven't gotten family pictures taken with Nate's family since Carter was 4 months old and haven't had pictures with my family since I was pregnant with Carter and didn't know it yet.. I think the pictures turned out pretty good. The kids were all good and we had a good time.

Had to get a cute shot of Preston. He was gonna be 6 mo old the next day so we thought it would be a good time to get a new photo of him. What a stud he is.

This is Nate's family. Check out all those boys.. Yep no granddaughters for them. Come end of Nov. they will have 10 grandsons.. We got our self an army.

I wish Preston was looking at the camera but we know how that goes getting a baby to look at something. It turned out well enough.

Glad this picture turned out.. Love my little family..


I had Preston's 6 mo check up today.. And my little guy is not so little.. Here are his stats...
Weight... 20.63 lbs 89%
Length... 27.8 in 85%
Head..... 18.0 in 92%
Of course the doctor said you are looking good.. I'm glad he was only 20 pounds. I swear he feels heavier.. I also had Camden and Carter step on the scale. Camden weighed in at 44lbs and Carter was up to 28 lbs.. Yeah for Carter he is such a little guy. I also stepped on the scale but I'm not talking about that.. LOL

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The boys.....

Just thought I better post some cute pics of my boys.. They are so much fun and keep me laughing all the time.. They also keep me yelling.. LOL Here are just some cute pics I've taken of them lately..

I think I forgot about this pic.. The last time we went to the dunes I needed to help Nate with the trailer and I had Fatty. So I put him in the side compartment where the extra water goes.. It was so funny.. He just layed there and kicked..

Our first attempt at Sweet Potatoes.. He didn't love them. My boy does not like baby food he likes real food. What can I say he's a Thorsted.. He goes this week for his 6 mo check up so we will see how big the Fatty is now.. He has 2 teeth and loves to chomp..

Trying to get the spoon of food in his mouth.

Went to McDonald's and the boys got the Star Wars Tattoo's.. Carter was super excited to have the tattoo put on.. He is so funny.

Camden showing me his tattoo.

My boys can sure be cute..

Carter has been pulling all the chairs into a little pile by the counter so the other day I put a sheet over and made him a hut. He loved it..

The boys chillin in the hut.

Getting ready for church on morning. Carter found the shoes and with his OCD he tried to organize them.. This is what happened.

And then of course Camden had to put some boots on of mine. He is so funny. It was cracking me up with him walking around the house.

The boys chillin watching t.v. I had Preston in his Bumbo and the boys got some shoe boxes and decided to use those as seats. It was so funny.

I know my butt would not fit in a show box it was funny to see them sitting there with their brother like that.

Just a cute pic of Preston and Camden. Preston was rolling all over the place and Camden came and layed by him. It was cute with them playing around..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time for a cut...

Well after 5 long years of growing my hair out.. I decided I needed a change. So sick of being in that same rut.. With the 3 boys they keep me so busy all I do is put the hair back in a pony. I decided with me turning 30 next month it was only a matter of time before I had my mid life crisis and did something crazy.. Well that day came today... I chopped off the hair and heck now I can grow it out again.. **Camden took the first 3 not to bad of a camera guy...



Camping 2....

Last weekend we took the boys up to South Fork. My parents came with us and we had a blast. I couldn't believe how great the weather was for it being October. We had lots of fun.

Our Camp spot.

Some of the family came up on Saturday to enjoy the day. We played cards and BBQ'd..

The boy even played in the river. The loved rolling the dumb truck down the hill and into the river.

What a cute he is.. Check out that smile..

Trying to get a pic of us.

On a little bridge at the end of Causey.

Nate and Camden at Causey. They climbed down to one to one of the rocks where Nate used to cliff dive. Yeah no thanks.

Just a pretty view of Causey.. The water was super low.

Nate being funny and sticking Preston's feet in the river. Yeah he did not think it was funny.


Just our little family decided to go camping a couple weeks ago. It was so nice for it just to be us. We had a great time. The weather was wonderful and the kids had fun.
Camden and Carter climbing up the hill by our trailer.
They boys hanging out watching a movie.

We took a drive up to Inspiration point. For those who don't know where that is, it's pretty much the top of Willard Peak which is by Ben Lomand Peak. We drove the truck the whole way up. The kids loved it and I enjoyed not gettting dusty. We could see our house from the top of the mountain. The view was wonderfu.

The boys sitting on a rock and Willard Peak is in the backgroungd.

Preston just chillin in a camp chair. He loves being outside just like his brothers.

Birthday Boy!!!

My little guy is growing up.. Camden celebrated his 5th birthday a few weeks ago. How time flies.. He is getting so big and he is such a big helper with his brothers. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

My big 5 year old..

The fun cupcakes he helped make.

Camden had 3 birthday parties this year.. He was able to have a little friend party. (which I will say was mighty crazy)

And then Camden had a birthday party on my side of the family and then on Nate's side of the family. He had lots of fun and can't wait for his next birthday.