Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fatty P

These are the announcement pics we sent out for Preston. I know I didn't get some out to everyone. I figured it I posted it and e-mailed some then I would hopefully cover all my tracks. If not sorry.. Our little guy is getting so big. He turned 2 months last Thursday and is he so fat we have given him the nickname Fatty P. He is such a good baby and we are enjoying him in our little family.

Took this pic the other day. As you can see he has some nice big cheeks. Guess the red eye wasn't working to good. Oh well. Stood on the scale today with him and then without him and there was a 15lb difference. What a chunk. We take him to his 2 month apt on Mon so I guess I will really see how much he is weighing. But man he is getting big, fat and heavy.


My mom got Carter a slipe N slide for his b-day or as Carter like to prounouce it ip n ide. Cracks me up. But the kids love the slipe n slide and have had a blast on it. Carter is not so sure about the whole sliding on it. But he will run on it or just play in the water.
Camden showing me some of his knee sliding skills

Carter getting ready to make his move towards the slide, and of course Camden had to be doing some funny pose in the background.

Carter playing the the pool area of the slide.

Aahh!! What a stud.. Love that guy.

Happy Birthday Carter

I can't believe my little guy is already 2. How time flies when your running around dealing with kids and working. Carter is such a joy in our life. He is such a little boy and is so full of energy. He is a little fighter and I would put him up against most anyone anyday. He keeps us on our toes and is so smart and learning more everday. We love him.

A fun Toy story dino that he gots on nate's side.

Watch out kids he has a squirt gun.

He is patiently waiting for people to show up. He was so excited to open presents.

My attempted to do a b-day cake for him. It's no Megan cake but it will work for my 2 year old.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Run...

Last Saturday me and my sisters did a 5k.. It was a blast. My sister Keli was at my house a few weeks ago and told me how her stake was gonna do a fitness day and they were gonna have a half marathon, 5k or a 2 mile walk. She asked if I wanted to do it with her and I said sure. We then convinced Lori to do it with us. The weather turned out to be great that day. 53 degrees with a breeze. Couldn't ask for anything more.

A cute pic of us after the race ended.
Another fun pic before we left to go eat breakfast..

Monday, June 7, 2010


We were lucky enough to bless Preston yesterday. It was great to have all the family over. Nate's dad was nice enough to do the blessing for us and did an excellent job. Preston is getting super big and man he is getting fat... Love those cheeks..

What a stud in his tux.

He was such a good baby the whole time in church and after with everyone at our place.

Proud mommy and daddy.


Another Memorial weekend has come and gone and so has another annual Barlow campout.. We had a blast this year camping. Even though it was a little muddy and wet the first few days. The little kids wouldn't have had it any other way. Here are just some highlight pics of the weekend.

Looks like the kids playing in the mud. Of course everyone had water boots on and they just went wherever they wanted to go.

We clebrate my dads b-day while we are camping and this is the awesome cake my sis-in-law made.. Man now I call that a good looking doughnut..

The boys walking through the water on our walk/bike ride

Fun pic of me, nate and Carter. He loves the fourwheelers.

The cheerleaders for the baseball game.

We usually set up badmitten and play horseshoes whiles camping but this year they all played baseball it was so fun to watch and I think the highlight of everyones camping trip.

I acutally got to go on a ride this year.. While Camden was at Shrek 4 the other 2 kids fell asleep so my mom stayed at camp while me, nate, Kevin and Devin went on a ride. We had fun till we hit snow and then we found a great new trail that they just made a few years ago. Was nice to be able to get out and go riding.

Love this pic. Camden, Carter and Boston had a blast and they loved climbing up to this rock and I just had to take a pic. What fun cute (trouble maker) boys..