Friday, February 24, 2012

OH NO Carter....

What a exciting week the Thorsted family had.. (Well Carter mostly).. Last Wed I didn't feel good all day so I didn't make it to the store.. So when Nate got home I asked him to run to the store and get some milk. Of course all the kids wanted to go and being the nice dad that he is he took them.. Little did I know what would follow...

Nate called me on the way home saying Carter had fallen out of the cart and hit his head pretty hard.. When they got home we checked his eyes and they were dilating fine he had no goose egg on his head and said he need to throw up which didn't do but he just kept complaining of his head hurting (which of course mine would hurt too). We let him go to sleep and I stayed with him for a while he ended up sleeping all night long. But when he woke up the next morning he was still complaining that his head was hurting and he kept saying he needed to throw up.. He finally did throw up and we figured something was wrong and we need to take him to the doctor.. We headed up to the insta care and they told us we need to go to McKay and have a CT Scan.. We were all thinking better safe then sorry.. The CT scan showed that he had a skull fracture and there was a small amount of blood. With this we were informed that he would be transported by ambulance to Primary Childrens..
Carter being a trooper in the Ambulance luckily he slept most of the way there..

Once at Primary's they got worried that he may have hurt his neck so they put a neck brace on him.. He was not happy about that.. They had to do a x-ray to make sure his neck was o.k.

Next came the IV another thing he was not to happy to have.

We were told he would be staying overnight to make sure he didn't get worse and they would preform another CT scan in the morning to make sure everything was looking o.k.

He was so hungry he hadn't eaten all day so when they gave him the o.k. to eat, he chowed down on Cereal, Cookie and Corn dog..

Heather was able to come meet us at the hospital, it was nice to have her there with us. (Carter was watching T.V. lol)

They gave him this nice blanket to keep him warm and we were able to bring it home.. He was pretty excited about that..

They finally came and told us that the x-ray looked good and his neck was fine so he was able to take the neck brace off. He was so glad to have that thing off. Here is is chatting on the phone eating jello and watching t.v.

They only allow one parent to spend the night so I stayed with Carter while Nate went home to be with the kids.. Carter had a great night and slept like a rock.. I on the other hand maybe got 2 hours sleep.. With nurses coming in every hour and other patients up, it was a rough night for me.. But so glad Carter's was good. They even came and got blood from him around 5:30 a.m. and he pretty much slept through it..

He is my tough guy on his way down for his 2nd CT scan.. He thought it was pretty cool to go in a wheel chair..

Getting his CT scan.. He was so good both times..

He was pretty excited about getting his IV out.. Although pulling that darn tape off was not fun..
Needless to say he was sent home that morning.. The second CT scan came back looking good no extra blood no swelling and since he had been eating good hadn't thrown up in almost 12 hours we were told he could go home.. But he had some strict rules he had to follow.. No running for 6 weeks (I know can you believe that, how will we be able to do that) , no bike for 1 month, no trampoline, tumbling, wrestling and physical sports for 3 months.. Not sure they realize my house is WWE non stop. OH well.. Since his week of being home he is told daily "Carter no running" It's pretty hard to keep him clam when he feels fine and his head doesn't hurt.. We just have to keep reminding him that he still has a sore in his head.

I'm sure this wont be my last CT scan with my kids, at the time it seemed pretty scary. But we are so glad out little guy is fine and doing good.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P and A...

Had my great niece and great nephew over yesterday.. And I just had to snap some pics of Anyston and Preston together.. The size difference in these two just kills me it is so funny. Preston is just so massive compared to her.. Preston will be 2 in April and Anyston will be 2 in July.. Yes they are only 3 months apart and he could eat her for dinner..

A whole body shot.. Just so you can see how much bigger my moose is compared to the princess.. (Preston can just be her body guard.)

Sledding 2012

Heather came up a couple weeks ago and we decided to take the kids sledding.. Preston did not have fun so he took a nap at Bunna's.. The other kids had a blast..
Me and Heather..

Camden catching some air..

A vid I took of Camden sledding hopefully it works..