Monday, October 24, 2011

Cold Water Canyon..

So 2 weekends ago the boys wanted to go hiking so we packed our stuff up and headed up Cold Water Canyon. It's just above Nate's parents house so it was nice to be close by.. We had lots of fun and the boys loved it.. On our hike we came across a bunch of Elderberry trees. I had never heard of them, but Nate's dad was telling us how you can eat them and you can make jam and syrup out of them.. Well that got Nate's brain a thinking so of course we had to go up again the next weekend and get some..

The boys... Robert, Camden, Carter and Nate on our hike..

We have to cross over the stream and the kids love it.


Another part of the stream you have to cross..

The Elderberries...

Now mind you I'm thinking Nate wont make a ton and it will be something easy to do.. Well 6 hours later and not that many jars done it was pretty hard work but taste yummy..

Nate picked 6 bags fulls of these things, luckily we had a steam/juicer to do the hard part.. No way would I do it the normal way of cooking these things down..

Got the juice cooking for some jelly.

Yummy.. Elderberry Jelly... We did about 17 pints of Jelly and 9 pints of Syrup.. The syrup is very tasty and I can't wait for pancakes.. Supposedly Elderberries are very good for your health and they recommend taking a tsp of syrup a day for cold/flu symptoms.. Who would've known and just think they were up in the hills and free for taking..

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Heather said...

I'll have to try this elderberry jam when I come up...