Friday, November 18, 2011

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn....

Been meaning to blog about Halloween but November is a crazy month for us.. Not only do we have 9 birthday's this month but I just think November is a busy month for everyone.. So better late then never.. Here are some darling Halloween pics..

:)- Love this boy.. He is so cute.. He wanted to wear this cute hate and he loves the camera..

Another cheesey pose from Preston sitting outside with the pumpkins..

Camden turn, and Carter trying to get in the picture..

Carter's turn.. He had to sit up by his pumpkin...

The neighbor did a fun Halloween party I had to bring a game.. The kids loved it, they threw darts, (well I couldn't find darts so I had needles on the ends of pencils.. I know..) but anyways then when a balloon popped it had candy in it..

My darling friends/neighbors who did the Halloween party..

Little P, hanging out..

We also did a party at Nate's parents this year and I'm always in charge of the pumpkin walk the kids love to pick out Twinkies and cupcakes to eat..

Love the Ghost..

Camden aka The Night Warrior..

Me and Preston

Camden enjoying his Pizza..

Carter aka Dirt Bike Rider

Couldn't get P to sit still so i had to join the pic.. But the darling pumpkins that they "helped" carve..

At Nate's parents we painted pumpkins and the kids loved that..

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Vause Family said...

Your boys are getting SO big! I loved the balloon popping game. You're so creative!