Friday, October 7, 2011

St. Anthony Dunes...

We went to St. Anthony Sand dunes over Labor day this year.. We hadn't been to these dunes since Carter was 1.. It was wonderful weather and we had lots of fun..

The trailer..

Preston favorite spot to play.. Anytime we looked he was crawling into the dog cage.. I had to laugh.. And wondered how long I could maybe get him to stay in it..

Braiden being a stud that he is.. He was rocking one of the kids helmets.. And yes your right it is too small for Preston's head..

Braiden catching some good air..

Nate and Carter headed out for a ride.. My gosh those boys love the honda. They are just like there dad can't get enough air or go fast enough.. I'm in big trouble..

Our friends have a dog and my kids love him.. He is so good with the kids and they love to play with him.. Carter giving Simba a big ol' hug..

Nate, Carter and Camden headed out on the Polaris..

Once we got home we have to unload all the crap.. And I come out to find 2 little eyes staring at me.. Carter had wiggled his way into the truck and was hiding.. It cracked me up..

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Heather said...

looks like fun, would've been more fun if I was there! ;)