Friday, March 11, 2011

Time for a CUT....

What can I say.. I've been a lazy mom.. Well sort of.. Camden last fall decided he wanted to grow his hair out. Must be from this whole Bieber craze going on.. Needless to say I said o.k. we can grow it out and then come spring we will see how it looks and what we want to do. I'm here to tell you my kids just don't do long.. They have my fine hair and it's just not good long on them.. My hair lady is having a baby next month so I decided time to Cut off the locks..

Carter's before pic..

His after pic..

Camden decided he wanted to shave all his hair off. We convinced him to just go really short. But we were happy he was out of his lets grow my hair out mom..

His before pic.
His after pic..

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Heather said...

They look so much older after the haircut! Love it, the look great :)