Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.. Not sure what I was thinking but thought it would be cute to make green eggs for breakfast.. I've now decided that is what everyone's diet should be, only green things and if it isn't green make it green. I can bet you the food wont look that great so you wont eat as much and the weight will just drop off.
The egg mixture.. Was already thinking what did I do.. This looks so gross.
Decided yeah I made way to much cuz I was not going to touch the stuff. (I'm way to much of a picky eater)

Still thinking "UM... are these done, cuz they still look gross."

The nice table I set for breakfast...

Camden loved them, Carter freaked out cuz he wanted Yellow eggs.. LOL But needless to say he did sit down and eat some. I also had some and my niece heather did too, she added ketchup to hers and hers looked like a nice Christmas tree.. Preston even enjoyed them. Not sure I will do this again..

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LaRae said...

Ah man that is funny! I am not sure I would have ate them!