Thursday, October 28, 2010


So the other day me and my mom went to Walmart to get some stuff and what do I see in the parking lot. Brett Michael's tour bus.. I'm thinking why in the heck would Brett have his tour bus at the Ogden Walmart my mom had no clue he was was. (Had to laugh at that). As we were coming a guy was walking to the bus he punched some magic key pad and he went in the bus. I'm thinking really is Brett on that bus?
I told my mom that if the bus was still there when we came out I was gonna take a pic of it. Sure enough after an hour of shopping the bus is still there and now people are parking around the bus and standing around taking pictures. I had noticed a white sheet of paper on the window when we had come so I decided to take a look the paper it read "Brett Michael's is not on this bus he is at home with his family" REALLY? Like if he was on the bus it would say Brett is on the bus.. Or maybe they wouldn't have anything.. I'm thinking of course they probably always have that sign on that. Hello doesn't matter sign or no sign people are going to ask and the bus guys are going to say "Sorry he's not on the bus" So really Brett Michael's could've been sitting in his bus in the Ogden Walmart Parking lot enjoying a Big Mac while people are standing around taking pictures? I guess no one will ever know.. I just thought it was funny to see the tour bus there and had to take a pic. And the sign made it even better. I may put that sign on my car when I go somewhere.. "Mandy is not in this vehicle she is at home with her kids" LOL