Thursday, October 21, 2010

The boys.....

Just thought I better post some cute pics of my boys.. They are so much fun and keep me laughing all the time.. They also keep me yelling.. LOL Here are just some cute pics I've taken of them lately..

I think I forgot about this pic.. The last time we went to the dunes I needed to help Nate with the trailer and I had Fatty. So I put him in the side compartment where the extra water goes.. It was so funny.. He just layed there and kicked..

Our first attempt at Sweet Potatoes.. He didn't love them. My boy does not like baby food he likes real food. What can I say he's a Thorsted.. He goes this week for his 6 mo check up so we will see how big the Fatty is now.. He has 2 teeth and loves to chomp..

Trying to get the spoon of food in his mouth.

Went to McDonald's and the boys got the Star Wars Tattoo's.. Carter was super excited to have the tattoo put on.. He is so funny.

Camden showing me his tattoo.

My boys can sure be cute..

Carter has been pulling all the chairs into a little pile by the counter so the other day I put a sheet over and made him a hut. He loved it..

The boys chillin in the hut.

Getting ready for church on morning. Carter found the shoes and with his OCD he tried to organize them.. This is what happened.

And then of course Camden had to put some boots on of mine. He is so funny. It was cracking me up with him walking around the house.

The boys chillin watching t.v. I had Preston in his Bumbo and the boys got some shoe boxes and decided to use those as seats. It was so funny.

I know my butt would not fit in a show box it was funny to see them sitting there with their brother like that.

Just a cute pic of Preston and Camden. Preston was rolling all over the place and Camden came and layed by him. It was cute with them playing around..


Bre said...

How cute are those brothers!!!

Vause Family said...

Yeah for boys in mom's high heels!

Courtnie said...

cute new post! fatty is going to weigh like 30 pounds at his 6 month appt, if hes not there already! lol i love those boys!

Caitlin and Greg said...

Wow... looks like you guys are having tons of fun!