Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marsh Lake 2010

Every year Nate's family goes Camping up to Marsh Lake. Last week was the week. We had a blast and it was great staying for a whole week. The kids had fun we had great weather, was only 70 during the day and got around 40 at night. We did not enjoy when we got back to Ogden and it was 99. We can't wait till next year for our week long vacation in the woods.

What we called home sweet home for the week.

We had a great time fishing. We (the boys) caught lots of fish. We still have some in our freezer if anyone is interested. (lol)

A good shot of some of the fish.

Sitting around the campfire roasting hot dogs.

Camden and I showing our CHEESE face.

This is how Carter was watching a movie one night. He is just dangling off the bed.

Camden saw his older cousin swimming in the lake and I said to him "why aren't you doing it" So he did. He only went up to his stomach, but he said it was cold but fun.

Love this picture. Got all the kids ready for bed and they are just chilling by the baby.


Jon & Heather Browning said...

the bottom pic of the 3 boys is so dang cute!!!
and poor preston with the gum in his hair!

Emily said...

So I always thought Camden looked more like Nate, until I saw that self portrait of you and him. Definately looks like you in that one. lol. So cute!!! I'm so glad I can keep up with you and your life through blog, since I never get to see you guys anymore. Hope all is well. :)