Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babies First

So we get home from Marsh Lake last Sunday and Preston is happy and I just let him play and when it is time for him to eat I pick him up feed him and when I go to burp him I find he has blue gum in his hair. Yeah not sure how that got there but my guess is Carter. Camden and Carter shared a piece of Cotton Candy flavored bubble yum on the ride home. Funny thing is I fed Preston in Evanston and didn't notice the gum and the boys had got ride of the gum long before that. Needless to say it was not fun getting it out. My mom suggested Peanut Butter but that only seemed to make it rock hard in his hair. (Maybe your not supposed to use the chunky kind) so after the Peanut Butter I figured I better get him in the bath and with a lot of scrubbing and some baby oil we were able to get the gum out with only pulling a few hairs out of his head. Poor little guy.

The big nice wade of gum.. At least it smelled yummy.

Gum with a coating of Peanut Butter.

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Jennifer said...

yuck! I'm sure I will get the "gum in the hair" experience too.

Hey I heard you are running the 10K (wasatch woman) with Kim and that true? If so I'm doing it as well. It will be fun to catch up with you, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about I think Kim was going to see if you wanted to run a 10K with us if October.