Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just for fun....

It's silly sometimes when you go back and check out the pictures on your camera. All those silly pictures that you took that you forgot about.. Here are just a few that we took this month..

Hmmm.. Wrestling anyone? What my boys are usually doing.

This is Carters new face that he is always doing

And of course Camden had to show his version of Carters silly face.

We have a bumbo for Preston but for some reason it is always being used by other people.. Carter for one thinks this niftey seat is for him.

Nate found it as a handy pillow to keep his head up.

Camden took this picture. He did a pretty good job.. He thinks the glasses and nose are pretty darn funny.

I think the kid looks pretty good with a stashe

And of course he had to make a silly face with just the glasses.

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Jon & Heather Browning said...

LOVE these pictures!! Glad you guys got some fun pictures with my kids meal toy!!!