Monday, June 7, 2010


Another Memorial weekend has come and gone and so has another annual Barlow campout.. We had a blast this year camping. Even though it was a little muddy and wet the first few days. The little kids wouldn't have had it any other way. Here are just some highlight pics of the weekend.

Looks like the kids playing in the mud. Of course everyone had water boots on and they just went wherever they wanted to go.

We clebrate my dads b-day while we are camping and this is the awesome cake my sis-in-law made.. Man now I call that a good looking doughnut..

The boys walking through the water on our walk/bike ride

Fun pic of me, nate and Carter. He loves the fourwheelers.

The cheerleaders for the baseball game.

We usually set up badmitten and play horseshoes whiles camping but this year they all played baseball it was so fun to watch and I think the highlight of everyones camping trip.

I acutally got to go on a ride this year.. While Camden was at Shrek 4 the other 2 kids fell asleep so my mom stayed at camp while me, nate, Kevin and Devin went on a ride. We had fun till we hit snow and then we found a great new trail that they just made a few years ago. Was nice to be able to get out and go riding.

Love this pic. Camden, Carter and Boston had a blast and they loved climbing up to this rock and I just had to take a pic. What fun cute (trouble maker) boys..

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