Friday, May 14, 2010

Dune Time

Well it's that time of year again.. We love going camping and we love when we go camping at the dunes. We had fun this year even if it was a little windy and had to camp in a different spot from the norm. The kids had fun and we enjoyed it and can't wait for our next adventure.

Camden hanging out by the honda waiting for the next ride up the mountain.

Babies first dune trip. Little stinker put his hand up right as the picture was being taken. He was super good the whole time and turned 4 weeks old while we were there.

Carter and Preston chilling in the trailer.

This hill was behind our camp site and the kids spent all day running up and down the thing. I even went up twice and man it was steep and kicked my butt.

Carter was finally big enough to go on a ride this year. Even if it was just around the campsite. He still had a blast and loves the four wheelers as much as his big brother.

The group sitting at the base of sand mountain.

Carter sitting on the yellow beast.

Me and Carter gonna head out for a little ride around the campground.


Trichelle said...

Girl you amaze me. I wish I had your energy! I don't think I ever did snything when the kids were babies, you are awesome. Looks like so much fun!

Vause Family said...

I completely forgot to ask you about that. Looks like fun and you survived with Preston!