Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fatty P

These are the announcement pics we sent out for Preston. I know I didn't get some out to everyone. I figured it I posted it and e-mailed some then I would hopefully cover all my tracks. If not sorry.. Our little guy is getting so big. He turned 2 months last Thursday and is he so fat we have given him the nickname Fatty P. He is such a good baby and we are enjoying him in our little family.

Took this pic the other day. As you can see he has some nice big cheeks. Guess the red eye wasn't working to good. Oh well. Stood on the scale today with him and then without him and there was a 15lb difference. What a chunk. We take him to his 2 month apt on Mon so I guess I will really see how much he is weighing. But man he is getting big, fat and heavy.

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