Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept already?

Riding at the dunes over Labor Day

Nate and I canned 30 quarts of stewed tomatos with the tomatos from our garden.

The boys being silly

What a fish Camden caught up at Marsh Lake

What a stud my Carter is

**How time flies when your having fun, and your internet isn't working. For the past few weeks we have had no internet it has been so hard not to check out everyone else's blog and update my own. We have been keeping busy needless to say, and have been of course camping and having fun.


Vause Family said...

I just love that Nate does the canning with you! What a pair!

Bre said...

My favorite is the one with the laundry basket! Classic!

Trichelle said...

oh i'm so glad you've blogged. I love seeing all that you guys are up to, since life's too busy to get together as often as i'd like....miss you guys:)