Friday, July 17, 2009

What a fun family trip we had this summer. We've been on many trips this year, but this one by far was the funniest. This year the last week of June we drove with Nate's family all the way to South Dakato. (**The driving part was not the funniest by the way, but we survived the 12 hour drive) We had a great time seeing Crazy Horse, Mt.Rushmore, Big Thunder Gold Mine, Jewel Cave, and lot of Animals. Nate, Camden and I even went on a Helicopter ride. Camden had the biggest grin the whole time. I thought that was the best part. If you ask Camden what the funniest part was He'll say "Swimming in the swimming pool" I then reply with "Yeah Camden that was fun, what was your second favorite part" And Camden's reply "Dunking my head under the water" So much for all the other wonderful things we did and saw, the water was his favorite.

The kids at one of the enterances to Jewel Cave

Great shot of Crazy Horse taken in the Helicopter

Camden's face the whole time during our ride.

This is right before we jumped in for our ride.

Seeing Mount Rushmore


Vause Family said...

Great pictures! I love the shot of Camden in the cockpit!

Trichelle said...

what an awesome trip. I would love that trip. so funny how kids just love the most simple of things. Ivy loves hotels and the pools. Ask her about disneyland, and she'll just talk about the pool and hotel. so funny! we've decided for our next trip, we're going to downtown ogden in a hotel with a pool.