Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looks who's 4!!!

We are proud to welcome our big, crazy, hyper 4 year old Camden. What a fun little boy he is. We are so proud he is in our lives. He makes everything so much funner. Yes he drives his mother crazy and yes he thinks his dad was only put here on earth to wrestle with him. But what can we say We Love him, and wouldn't change anything about him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMDEN.

We did a combined b-day party for Camden and his cousin Hayden. Camden thought that was pretty big stuff.

We took Camden to the Dino Park on his b-day, he had a blast. He is obsessed with T-REX.

Cake number 2!! He's into Star Wars right now. But I think only cuz they fight and they have light savors.

The best present Camden thought he got. Way to go Uncle Scott and Aunt Megan.

As usually Megan out did her self, what fun cakes she does for the kids. Thanks again.


justmecassi said...

I can't believe Camden is already FOUR!!! It looks like he had a great b-day!

Trichelle said...

how fun...the first picture i'm sitting here thinking it's camden and carter. LOL, I was just amazed at how much he'd changed. I'm retarded.