Thursday, December 8, 2011

Half Marathon... Who me?

So my sister a couple of months ago asked me if I would run the Bear Lake half Marathon with her.. I said sure whatever, not thinking we would actually sign up.. Well guess who is signed up.. ME.. Yeah what am I gonna do.. Run? LOL My nieces and my other sister are going to do it too. So that will be good to have a lot of motivation to get my butt going.. I'm glad I have 6 months to get up and going... Now if Winter will just hurry up and go away.. I hate running in the freezing cold.. So if you see me laying on the ground somewhere it's cuz I'm worn out from running.. Just toss some water out your window and tell me to get up and keep going..


Jennifer said...

I've run this half, its supper fun.....maybe I'll run it again. If I sign up lets meet up.

p.s. I run on the treadmill from december - march

keli said...

It might kill us both. But I'm so excited!

*Lindsay* said...

Ok so I totally stole your heading for this on my Blog! I couldn't think of anything else and this popped into my head!