Saturday, July 16, 2011


Did a quick trip to Dock Flats last weekend.. We had fun hanging out and enjoying time with family.

Camden and Braiden being silly.

We rode as high as we could got into some fun snow. The boys of course had fun playing in the snow.

Ran into my niece Jessie up on the mountain, her and her friend got a little muddy.

Our view on our ride.

The end of the road.. We got pretty close to Inspiration point. A couple more hot days and I bet you could make it to the top.

Me and Courtnie getting ready for the ride.

Preston sitting in the chair. He wasn't happy it was raining and he couldn't go and play.

The boys playing with Simba.

Under the awning while the rain came.

The other group under the awning.

Preston and Anyston chillin..

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