Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bear Lake

Nate had the whole week of the 4th off. We wanted to do a bunch of fun stuff, but of course i was sick all week. We did however make it up to bear lake for the day. We went with Nate's parents and had a good time.

The kids in the water, yeah it was very full and very cold.

Tried to get a cute family shot, just noticed Preston is not looking..

The kids loved throwing rocks into the water and searching for sea shells. with no beach there wasn't many sea shells lying around.

Little P sitting on a rock.. my little man is 15 month old now.. So big and so cute..

On our drive up we stooped at Tony Grove.. There was lots of snow and still lots of ice in the water..

Gotta love the snow in flip flops..

We stooped at Ricks Springs on the way up too. Talk about over flowing.. You couldn't cross the bridge and they had Caution rope everywhere.. I've never seen so much water coming out of the Spring.

The kids had to go check out the little cave on the side..


Bre said...

That makes me want to take my kids to Bear Lake!! Looks like fun!

Vause Family said...

The snow and flip flops is the best picture!!

Becky said...

Wow! you guys have been busy. T looks like so much fun.