Monday, June 27, 2011

Look who's 3...

My little man is now 3.. He is so big and fun. He loves to follow his big brother around and try and do everything he does.. We are so glad he is in our lives..

Our attempt (well Nate's) to make a cake.. I don't do cakes.. I just can't do them. If you want a square cake with frosting then I'm your gal. But something cute I just can't do.. Well Nate wanted to try and make the cake this year.. Of course Carter wanted a monkey cake, Nate said no problem. Well it was a monkey cake under all that frosting.. But after spending the day at the zoo and not giving us enough time to decorate and the frosting not working like it should. This is what Carter got.. And do you know what.. He loved it.. He still called it his monkey cake (he had seen the monkey under the frosting..) And hey it's tasted great..

Opening some presents.. Kid sure did get spoiled..

And of course he's been waiting all year long for his b-day so he could have a pinata..

The prized b-day present.. His new bike.. He loves riding his new bike.. He even rode around the whole golf course last week with it.. 3 miles ain't bad for this awesome 3 year old.

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Vause Family said...

Cute kid! Love all your updates. Let's get together soon.