Monday, June 6, 2011

The Dirty Dash...

It all started with one little girls dream..... Well o.k. she is not a little girl but she is 4.10' My amazing friend Lindsay wanted us gals to all run a 5k this year. We said sure sign us up.. Little did we know what sort of race she would be signing us up for.. Anyone heard of a little race call The Dirty Dash? Well I hadn't ever heard of it. And let me tell you, it's a race you wont forget and you'll never be clean again..

It all started with us making shirts for the race.. I'm thinking really we are dressing up, man was I surprised at everyone who dressed up..

Me and Lindsay being crazy..

Race Day.. Oh yeah we are looking good and ready to run.

The back side.. Had to dress up the whole shirt.

The start of the race, oh yes up hill in mud... Then you kept going up hill then you had to jump over hay stacks, followed by more mud and then crawling through tunnels, which was followed by more mud and climbing over wood fences. Oh and in the mud you had freezing cold water blowing on you..

At this point we were a little dirty but not bad, we had to run through a bunch more mud and then we were running/walking up and down hills.

It got a little dirty here.. Well before this we had to climb up a big mud area, which was so slippery you were sliding all over and then you had to run/jump/slide down a big ol' bouncy thing. (which by the way was the funniest part of the race).. After this mud pit you had to pretty much crawl through a alot of more mud..

The after pic.. Oh yeah we were a little dirty.. (well I was probably the cleanest) It was so much fun we are for sure doing it next year..

The happy muddy gals... (oh and anything I had on that was white *bra, tanktop* um yeah it is no longer white and will never look the same..)


Heather said...

This looks like so much fun!!!! I for sure want to do this with you guys next time!! :)

LaRae said...

You loved it!! (and so did I!!!) I am sooooo happy y'all did this with me!! Was Camden mad he didnt get to do it?

Vause Family said...

I'm so glad you did that! Fun, fun, fun!

Brad said...

Looks like fun. I'm doing a similar race in September called the rugged maniac.