Friday, April 29, 2011

VEGAS baby.......

A couple weeks ago the girls did a girls trip to Vegas.. We had a blast. I was maybe not going to go (been having some family issues and such) but they talked me into going. My mom ended up staying home so she was missed lots. But we had a blast. It was great to get away. And man did we laugh a lot. Not to mention the weather was great was 90 the whole time we were there.

the view from keli's window. Hanging out on the stripe.

Hoover dam was fun, last time we were there the bridge wasn't done.

Dinner out was great. The food was wonderful.

So Lori and Trecia took this pic and silly me I got in the background and stuck my tongue out, I just couldn't resist.

Outside some hotel..

Nothing like walking down the stripe and have your shoe break.. yeah had to walk around the corner to a CVS store and buy new flip flops... It was rather funny.

Oh yeah.. The Snuggie Sutra book, man it was so funny to read and still not sure how most of those moves would work..

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Heather said...

Only like 49 more weeks til our annual girls trip!!! (is it too soon to start counting down to it?)