Sunday, April 10, 2011

My baby is 1......

I can't believe my baby is one today.. How time flies... He is such a cutie and we love him so. He had a great birthday. He loved his presents and enjoyed the cake.

My little guy...

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

The amazing cake my sis in law does (yes she does them for parties, check her out on my blog list it's Calling all Cakes)

The cupcakes has cute little planes, spaceships, trains, trucks. Yes they were edible..

Preston checking out some of his gifts. I think the other kids were excited about what he got too.

He wasn't really sure what to do.

He enjoyed his cupcake but he also enjoyed feeding it to Heather.

Yeah he got a little messy..


Vause Family said...

I love it! He is so cute and that cake is amazing, along with the edible planes and such.

Becky said...

I can't believe he is one already, so cute.

Heather said...

mmm.. that cupcake he fed me was so good!! :)

Dixi said...

I love love love that cake! So freaking cute! What a fun party!