Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love my boys.

Just some cute pics of the boys.. They are starting to play really good with eachother. I'm hoping that continues. They are also fighting alot with eachother. I remember as a kid my 3 older brother fighting non stop and my mom saying to them "If your going to fight go outside" It makes me laugh since I'm always thinking of saying that to my kids and thinking how is my house going to survive 3 boys. It all ready as lots of dents, scratches and stains. I figure in 15 years we can move get a new house and maybe that one will stay clean and dent free. Then again I'm pretty sure Grandkids mess up your house also.

They love playing with Preston, and Preston can't wait till he can take on the big brothers.

Camden and Preston hanging out.
Preston squishing Carter. Carter always wants to hold Preston unfortunately when they are close to the same size it makes it hard.

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Courtnie said...

cutest boys i've ever seen!